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Unity Development Services

Services to meet any tech need

Unity mobile app development

HQSoftware’s expertise lies in crafting exceptional mobile applications using the power of Unity. With our skillful team of developers, we deliver lightweight solutions that captivate users with stunning graphics, without compromising on performance. Our mobile app development services leverage the full potential of Unity to create engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Unity web app development

Our expertise in web development combined with the capabilities of the Unity engine opens up a world of possibilities for creating immersive and visually stunning online experiences. HQSoftware’s Unity team harnesses the power of Unity to seamlessly integrate three-dimensional graphics into web applications. Hire our Unity experts to create exceptional web development solutions that combine the best of Unity’s capabilities.

3D modeling

Unity’s unparalleled strength lies in its ability to create stunningly realistic 3D graphics while maintaining low resource consumption rates. Our team of experts harnesses the power of Unity to optimize resource usage, ensuring smooth performance even on devices with limited capabilities. Hire our 3D artists to unlock the full potential of Unity and deliver an extraordinary visual experience that will leave your audience in awe.

AR/VR development

As for AR/VR development, Unity is the perfect engine to bring your vision to life. With its powerful rendering engine, intuitive development tools, and robust physics simulation, our Unity developers can create visuals that leave users questioning what is real and what is digital. We can create stunning worlds, realistic simulations, and interactive experiences that captivate users and transport them to a new realm.

Why Use the Unity Engine

Benefits of Unity

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Unity App Development Process

How to hire Unity developers

  1. Step 1. Requirement elicitation

    We gather and analyze both technical and non-technical requirements. We prioritize understanding your vision and ensuring that we align closely with your expectations without exceeding the boundaries of the target audience.

  2. Step 2. Defining the scope of work

    Once we thoroughly examine your unique requirements, our team proceeds by defining the cooperation model, team composition, and development roadmap. Then, we offer Unity developers for hire or a full-fledged development team.

  3. Step 3. Prototyping

    HQSoftware’s systematic approach includes assembling a functional prototype based on your requirements. This prototype serves as an initial representation of the envisioned solution. We carefully design and develop this prototype to showcase the core functionalities of the project.

  4. Step 4. Development

    Unity developers equip the approved architecture with engaging and intuitive interface elements and code the internal functions. We ensure that the solution meets your requirements, functions seamlessly, and provides an exceptional user experience.

  5. Step 5. Testing

    At this stage, we conduct comprehensive test rounds to ensure the solution is polished and ready for introduction to your target audience. These test rounds involve a combination of automated and manual testing techniques.

  6. Step 6. Solution launch

    Once we have a finished and polished product ready for release, our team assists you in smoothly deploying it to the targeted operational environment. HQSoftware experts can help you with user training and solution support if needed.

Cooperation Models

Choose the best-suited cooperation model to complete your project

Team augmentation

This model allows you to augment your in-house team with HQSoftware’s Unity developers and scale up your development capacity quickly. We provide you with the CVs of the most relevant Unity experts and arrange interviews with candidates. You can easily scale the team up and down to build your solution on the Unity engine.

Turnkey Unity app development

HQSoftware can provide you with a full-fledged development team to deliver end-to-end Unity app development services. In this model, we take full responsibility for the entire project lifecycle, from concept to deployment. It allows you to focus on your core business while relying on our expertise to deliver a fully functional and high-quality solution.

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Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

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VR Medical App for Education

HQSoftware has developed a cutting-edge VR solution for medical training and education.

Technologies Used:

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VR Simulations for Occupational Training: 84% Engagement Rate

HQSoftware has teamed up with an American startup to build Virtual Reality training simulations that help users learn professional skills and land new jobs.

Technologies Used:

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AR/VR: Rethinking E-Commerce with a Virtual Fitting Room on Mobile

Reactive Reality helps retailers increase sales and reduce return rates by bringing the fitting room to consumers' mobile devices. Recognizing the opportunity, Reactive Reality AG partnered with HQSoftware to develop a mobile app that allows online shoppers to create their avatars and enjoy all the perks of a virtual fitting room anywhere they are.

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