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VR Medical App for Education: 63% Knowledge Retention

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Industry: AR/VR, Healthcare, E-learning



Develop a VR environment for collaborative medical learning that forms the core of rapid simulation development for healthcare organizations.


A comprehensive VR platform with a high level of detail, featuring multi-user access, various VR environments, and personalized virtual rooms for collaborative learning.


C# Unity JSON Oculus Quest



knowledge retention


higher user engagement

Through close collaboration with HQSoftware, our customer successfully launched a VR platform for medical training with multi-user access and immersive VR environments. The client highly appreciated our technical expertise and the soft skills of the dedicated team members and plans to continue the cooperation to create new VR simulations.

Frame 29 min -

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Anna Halias
Business Development Manager


Our customer is a provider of immersive medical training solutions that support healthcare institutions worldwide. The company is a pioneer in the virtual surgical training field and currently offers a large surgical VR video content collection.


The customer required a comprehensive VR platform for multi-user medical education. The platform was designed to be flexible, to allow for quickly building new VR simulations tailored to the specific needs of various medical organizations.

The customer had already developed the back-end, 3D assets, and other visual content. They were looking for skilled Unity developers who could create VR environments for medical study and ensure seamless interactions within the virtual setting.

Relying on our extensive hands-on experience and in-depth expertise in XR technology, the client chose HQSoftware to implement the project and accomplish its objectives.


In close collaboration with the customer’s development team, HQSoftware engineered a VR platform for medical learning and training, compliant with Meta Quest 2 (Oculus Quest 2).

The application involves multi-user access and offers 3 user roles with corresponding rights:

  • Student – participates in immersive medical classes and interacts with visual content.
  • Teacher – controls and assesses students’ performance, supervises medical classes, and manages simulations.
  • Admin – manages the platform, classrooms, and 3D content.

The platform provides several VR environments, including the lobby and classrooms. Students can communicate in special virtual rooms and invite other users to perform various manipulations together, for example:

  • study anatomy: load 3D models of organs, rotate them, split them into smaller parts, and hide particular elements;
  • learn the features of certain medical procedures;
  • study theory:
  • conduct live lectures;
  • share videos, pdf files, or presentations;
  • take training sessions in VR simulation; etc.
MRI with slice min -

Interacting with a 3D body part model

Degestive exploded with labels 1 min -

Splitting a 3D model into individual parts


At the beginning of the project, the customer allowed access to the content database that our team was supposed to display in Virtual Reality: a 3D anatomy atlas, holographic medical assets, 360° videos of medical procedures, and in-app environment designs. The client also developed a back-end for the application, using the company’s internal resources.

Throughout the project, our team was responsible for creating the VR environments, stabilizing the current build, and developing new features and training modules. Besides the main tasks described in the roadmap, we were also engaged in fixing bugs and errors that were made on the customer’s side. We encountered them during project development and couldn’t proceed with our part of the work without addressing them.

Also, we overcame a tricky synchronization challenge that was causing inconsistency in content loading among different users. We were able to ensure a seamless visual display, making virtual collaboration as smooth as possible.


  • 2 Unity developers
  • 1 QA engineer
  • 1 project manager

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