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Custom Insurance Software Development Services

The digital approach brings significant changes to how consumers interact with the service providers. Such a conservative industry as insurance is no longer an exception - insurers want to excel at providing their service along with minimizing costs and improving quality. Sounds familiar? Opt for custom insurance software development by our team that got you covered.

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Get a result-oriented insurance software solution

We will secure all your sensitive spots with our task-driven solutions. We offer web and mobile software development tailored to the following challenges:

  • Onboarding of insurance agents
  • Marketing campaigns automation
  • Agent assignment
  • Managing agents and leads databases
  • Agent commission calculation
  • Literature fulfillment
  • Seminar organization
  • Statistical and analytical reporting
  • Healthcare provider network management

To complete the abovementioned tasks we offer development of the following insurance software solutions:

  • Insurance CRM systems
  • Marketing and finance automation software
  • Policy management software
  • Insurance claims filling and submission software
  • Quote engine software
  • Solvency and risk management solutions
  • ...and custom addons for specific needs

We are also ready to integrate a custom project with all the necessary modules and other services:

  • CRM, PMS, RMS, ERP software
  • CMS and NIPR
  • Third-party services and institutions (MarketProminence, TriZetto, Gemini, and other)
  • Literature fulfillment parties
  • Document management systems
  • Electronic archives
  • Software for accounting

Have to cope with a legacy system? Ask us for a seamless data migration to a new system.

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Benefits of Insurance Software

  • Save time and money on all insurance processes

    Automate the processes that take too much time if performed manually.

  • Automate routine actions

    Complement custom insurance systems with additional modules for marketing, communications, assignment management.

  • Improve transaction security

    Secure the transactions you perform from data violation via specialized insurance solutions.

  • Optimize pricing

    Align the prices with your profit objectives and customer expectations.

  • Enhance a partner-agent relationship

    Provide the customers with the source of data about your services and the ability to manage it.

  • Analyze insurance Big Data

    Get a wealth of insights on how efficient your insurance processes are.


Our Clients and Testimonials

  • BBC
  • SEGA
  • RealityBLU
  • HTC
  • Skoda
  • WHO
  • Rando Rand, Founder at WSA
    Rando Rand, Founder at WSA

    It has been a pleasure to cooperate with HQSoftware during last year and a half on our Smart Home project. They have been very flexible with our timesheet and what we especially like is their willingness to not only follow our guidelines but also to recommend better/existing solutions. HQSoftware’s responsiveness and accessibility were noteworthy. Their exceptional communication complemented their professional and supportive management style. Expect a skilled team that is attentive to detail.

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  • Stefan Agustsson, CEO at RealityBLU
    Stefan Agustsson, CEO at RealityBLU

    We are an AR platform company. We started working with HQSoftware about 2 years ago to create an MVP for client demonstrations and market testing. Then we moved on to create a full production system using the talent at HQSoftware. We’ve been working with the team and it has grown from just a couple of people to 12 full-time people. We’ve had great project management and communication with the team members.

    all testimonials
  • Dana Kinghorn, Director of Operations at Evolv Pty Ltd.
    Dana Kinghorn, Director of Operations at Evolv Pty Ltd.

    HQSoftware is a part of our business. I haven't worked with a project manager as good as the one from the Company. I feel that they are personally invested in the project, which is great. We don't want people who will simply write the code and hand it over. The work is very complicated, but HQSoftware's understands what we want and how we want it. We have developed a relationship by which HQSoftware knows what to do without even asking.

    all testimonials
  • Tomas Westerholm, Founder at Sessio Software
    Tomas Westerholm, Founder at Sessio Software

    As a young startup we chose a strategy of moving on with MVP’s to test the new ideas in a broad market. To be able to quickly find good enough talent, teams and organizations to execute our tests we went for small companies rather than individual freelancers or workers. In the beginning we had quickly developed some “just enough to show” prototypes to communicate the app idea live-enough...

    all testimonials
  • Teemu Leppälä, Founder and CEO at POB Production
    Teemu Leppälä, Founder and CEO at POB Production

    We are developing animations, virtual and augmented reality solutions. We have been working with HQSoftware for three years now and I've been visiting their development facilities to meet the team. I have been happy to work with them and the prototype has been very successful. So I can really highly recommend to work with HQSoftware.

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  • Chris Harrison, Managing Director at Onetee Inc.
    Chris Harrison, Managing Director at Onetee Inc.

    HQSoftware developed a PHP web-based app that allows users to book tee times at golf courses. Users have booked over 13,500 reservations year to date, resulting in over $ 1 M in revenue. HQSoftware's understanding of the necessary technology and their quick and efficient communication made this project successful.

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  • Paul Rowsthorn, Director at GET AFTER IT PTY LTD.
    Paul Rowsthorn, Director at GET AFTER IT PTY LTD.

    Our company subcontracted HQSoftware to create a mobile app that spices up relationships by gamifying couple’s household routines. Our initial designs were quite basic; however, the team were able to translate our concept into an engaging, intuitive and secure OS application with an estimated user base of 100,000. HQSoftware delivered the initial finished product within the two months we originally planned with the results exceeding our expectations.

    all testimonials
  • Simon Brickle, COO at Monterosa
    Simon Brickle, COO at Monterosa

    It is my pleasure to recommend Sergei Vardomatski and his company to you as a partner for outsourced software development. We have worked together on several major web application projects and found them to be reliable and competent, delivering projects on time and within budget. I would not hesitate to work with the team again in future.

    all testimonials
  • Stian Andreassen, CEO at Maestro Media
    Stian Andreassen, CEO at Maestro Media

    I started doing business with HQSoftware from as early as October 2009. During this period of time, this company, and its team have successfully implemented more than 40 different web CMS projects for me including the Maestro Media presentation website. Most of the projects we did together were based on the "Apartment Selector” CMS that was also developed for me by their team.

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  • Evgeniy Emelyanov, Head of Software Development
    Evgeniy Emelyanov, Head of Software Development

    The HQSoftware team worked on the development of the portal www.gdeetotdom.ru and carried out quality control tests on the software. The software had been developed on the basis of Bitrix CMS by four people. The total budget is over 3 thousand man-hours. In our opinion, experts at HQSoftware delivered tasks with required quality, in a timely manner and with the set budget. I recommend them as reliable partners and skilled developers.


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  • Oksana Slipchenko, Director at CastingMedia Group
    Oksana Slipchenko, Director at CastingMedia Group

    Having worked with HQSoftware since November 2010, the scope of work they did for me ranged from analysis and development, to support of the online system that facilitated online sales and services of mу casting agency. The system fully integrates the internal and external (customer-side) workflows creating a transparent and smooth online e-commerce solution. They have picked up the work from another agency that failed to properly build the system and did a great job putting the things in order for me.

    all testimonials
  • Svetlana Ladoshkina, International PR Manger at Buka Entertainment
    Svetlana Ladoshkina, International PR Manger at Buka Entertainment

    HQSoftware has done an excellent job designing, developing, and hosting the Buka Entertainment website. We highly appreciate your professional approach, superb web development skills, creativity and first-grade customer service. Your team has been truly professional at all stages of the project.

    all testimonials
  • Denis Afanasev, Chief Executive Officer at CleverLeaf Technology
    Denis Afanasev, Chief Executive Officer at CleverLeaf Technology

    It is my pleasure to recommend the services of HQSoftware as I have been working with the company for the last 4 years on several projects. The team is strong in communicating the status of the project. They bring full attention and fully attempt to resolve every issue that we’ve ever brought to them. Their management skills helped make the process go smoothly. This is especially important because part of the project was done together with internationally distributed team.

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  • Anton Terekhov, CEO at FiveBIRDS marketing agency
    Anton Terekhov, CEO at FiveBIRDS marketing agency

    We have contracted HQSoftware to develop a part of Ichiba electronic trading platform (www.ichiba.ru). Ichiba is an online mall that unites a lot of small sellers and producers and enables them to create and manage their online shops in a few clicks using a simple web-based interface. Ichiba also provides the sellers with a noticeable set of additional services like shipments management, integration with their internal systems (data import and export), payment systems integration, content management services and such.

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  • Sergey Kisly, Director at Superprint Ltd.
    Sergey Kisly, Director at Superprint Ltd.

    We contacted HQSoftware about 2 years ago asking them to help us build a set of web applications that would have helped us trade our services in a more efficient way. In response to that, HQSoftware created an “automated online order acceptance and processing system” and an online payment gateway. The system gives our store personnel and authorized customers the ability to rapidly create and process incoming orders.

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  • Alexey Dunaevsky, UNDP Project Manager
    Alexey Dunaevsky, UNDP Project Manager

    I should also admit the high level of support and understanding that UNDP Project team received throughout the cooperation. The Project and its results earned positive evaluation from national executing partner and I'm sure that HQSoftware's job had made great input into this. I can recommend HQSoftware as a professional and reliable partner in software development.

    all testimonials