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Cross-Platform Application Evaluating Enterprise Efficiency

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Industry: Business


  • High level of parameterization (each diagram parameter can be customized to visualization
  • Offline mode
  • Driving decision making (improve the process, halt it, or leave as it is)
  • Analysis of process health status

Technologies Used: MS SQL, MySQL, CSS3, iOS, HTML5, PHP, Canvas, Ionic, Linux, Android

Methodology: Agile


Based in Denmark, the company is a provider of consultancy services. The customer delivers software that helps organizations to estimate the efficiency of the internal corporate processes, as well as furnishes dedicated teams of consultants.


Collaborating with HQSoftware, the company wanted to develop a system that tracks all the processes within an enterprise, scores their efficiency against four major criteria (compliance with an organization’s business strategy, context—relations between the processes, the ability to control the transformations, deadlines / budget maintenance, and potential profit), and visualizes the results in comprehensible diagrams.


Under the project, the development team at HQSoftware had to ensure the following:

  • the web and mobile applications of the cross-platform system should look exactly the same regardless of a device or a browser they are launched with.
  • the system needed to work in the offline mode.
  • each diagram should be extremely parametrized, so that a user can easily configure it up to his / her needs.


The delivered application allows for registering all the ongoing enterprise processes, completing questionnaires that help to evaluate process efficiency against four key criteria, and visualize the results in a diagram. Each question in a questionnaire has a status (answered, ending, and outdated). The process statuses are also assessed as:

• in good shape
• attention required
• consider to put on hold or stop

enterprise software development

Using Ionic SDK, engineers at HQSoftware guaranteed that both web and mobile versions of the system have the same user interface, down to the smallest detail, which provides unsurpassed user experience.

Developers at HQSoftware enabled the web solution to work in the offline mode by storing all the introduced changes in a browser’s local storage and synchronizing data on connecting to the Internet. Furthermore, users can now complete the questionnaires in the offline mode. For Android and iOS applications, our team ensured that the server automatically makes updates at pre-set intervals.

Specialists at HQSoftware created a framework that allows users to customize diagrams and individually tune any parameter (font size, border width, etc.). These diagrams illustrate the health state of the ongoing corporate processes, as well as enable users to track how the processes evolved over the time.

In addition, our developers fixed the limitations of Ionic SDK that impaired the application’s performance and responsiveness on mobile devices.


custom application development

Partnering with HQSoftware, the customer delivered a white-label solution that helps organizations to estimate the efficiency of internal processes across business-sensitive criteria and enable decision making.

With highly customizable diagrams, the application allows for visualizing analytical results on each process. Thanks to the enabled offline mode, users can introduce changes and complete questionnaires with no data loss.

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