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Cross Platform Application 550x299 - Portfolio

Cross-Platform Application Evaluating Enterprise Efficiency

A system allows to track all the processes within an enterprise, score their efficiency against four major criteria, and visualize the results in comprehensive diagrams. Each diagram parameter can be customized to visualization needs.

Technologies Used:

e commerce development 550x299 - Portfolio

Optimizing and Customizing an E-Commerce Platform

The developed e-commerce platform allows for customizing mission-critical functionality to the needs of businesses and offers an ecosystem for interacting with end-users.

Technologies Used:

e commerce 550x299 - Portfolio

E-commerce Platform for Consumer Goods

E-learning solution to facilitate the educational process of customer’s employees and educate them to work with a system for diagnosing automobiles against the European emission standards.

delivering a captive 550x299 - Portfolio

Developing a Captive Portal for a Wi-Fi Network

The portal allows both tourists and locals to connect to the Wi-Fi network in a resort town via an e-mail or Facebook. It helps to build a client database as well as promote a variety of services offered by the provider.

synop 550x299 - Portfolio

Synop – a New Generation Weather Information System

Synop is a new generation weather information system. It uses predictive maintenance, inventory management, and geolocation features while providing forecasts and real-time meteorological data for customers in Russia.

Technologies Used: