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Internet of Things
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Internet of Things

Top Real Estate Software Your Teams and Agents Need for 2022

In this article, we’ll take a look at how more advanced technology can enhance the online property shopping experience and make real estate agents’ work more effective.

Post How IoT is Influencing PCB Design and Manufacturing
Internet of Things

How IoT is Influencing PCB Design and Manufacturing

How IoT is changing the Printed Circuit Board development industry? With a massive component library at their fingertips, designers can now build any device imaginable. This is something that’ll certainly come in handy with the imminent rise of the IoT. To look further into this, let’s check out the best examples of how the IoT is changing PCBs.

Internet of Things

Smart Waste Management: How IoT Can Help Solve Waste Problems

All major cities face a waste problem. A growing population means a growing amount of trash, including the kind that ends up in street bins. That creates a need for cities to find new ways to deal with waste and optimize existing procedures. Waste management is one more field where implementing IoT can help. Let’s see how municipal governments are using technology to keep cities clean.

Internet of Things

What Is the Location of Things?

Internet of Things technology generates a lot of data that makes it easier for the user to understand processes and events. The term is extremely broad, encompassing technologies and devices gathering all kinds of unsorted data. To gain the most value from these technologies, it’s useful to categorize this data according to factors such as temperature, speed, location, humidity, and the like. Today, let’s talk about the Location of Things — and how we can use geopositioning to our benefit.

Internet of Things

Computer Vision: Technology of the Foreseeable Future

You have a device in your pocket that can answer lots of questions. Want weather info? Need a ride downtown? Can’t remember the exact rate at which glaciers melt? A search takes just a moment. But can it really answer any question? How about: “What’s that castle in front of me?” Or: “Can you translate the whole restaurant menu?” So, today we are tackling the subject of Computer Vision.

Internet of Things

Digital Twins as a New IoT Milestone: How Do They Work?

The industrial Internet of Things makes it possible to gather various data that businesses can use to their benefit. What if we told you that such data can be used to study and improve a product even before it is launched? How about extracting value from a product and testing all kinds of “what-if” scenarios without physical interaction? That’s exactly what Digital Twins are designed to do.

Internet of Things

IoT Tracking Technologies in a Nutshell

The IoT, or Internet of Things, is a progressive technology that allows for building networks of any scale that allow different types of devices to collect, process, and share data among one another and the Internet. Tracking and tagging are among the most important features the IoT provides.

iot-trends 2019
Internet of Things

What Technologies Improved IoT in 2019? Major Trends

The pace at which IoT systems are being adopted is impressive: as Gartner predicts, by 2020 there will be 20.6 billion connected devices, compared with just 8.4 billion in 2017. That’s all thanks to various new technologies that are contributing to connected infrastructure. Let’s review the tech that boosted the expansion and development of the Internet of Things projects in 2019.

Internet of Things

How IoT Refines Agriculture

We have already covered the concept of the Smart Farm — the result of the Internet of Things technology being applied to agriculture. Today we will dive a bit deeper into how the IoT platform streamlines farming.

Internet of Things

Boost Your Farm’s Yields with IoT-Enabled Smart Farming

The Internet of Things represents a smarter way of organizing many spheres of our lives. Data-driven technology and automation bring total control over the processes that go on in production facilities, hospitals, offices, schools, and our homes. But there is one sphere sometimes overlooked when we are talking about IoT — agriculture. Let’s see how technology helps farmers refine the production process while ensuring top quality.

Internet of Things

5 Examples of How IoT Fine-Tunes Business

Researchers have proven many times that implementing IoT solutions offers huge benefits for businesses. In this article, we’ll look at five companies that have used IoT to cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, and address quality issues.

Internet of Things

Boost Your Manufacturing Process with IoT! Here’s What You’ll Get

The 4th Industrial Revolution has brought the Internet of Things technology to manufacturing. Implementing this technology provides a way for various devices to talk to one another, exchange data, generate valuable insights and create autonomous responses. Data gathered from IoT-enabled devices can be used to cut costs, streamline the production process, and boost safety in facilities. This is how the data can help.

Internet of Things

What Are Beacons and How Do They Work

Usually, when we refer to the Internet of Things technology, we talk about its perks for big industries or personal living spaces. IoT remains an unknown to many regular business customers, serving for the most part in “background activities” such as security and infrastructure. What if there were a piece of IoT tech that could help even small businesses serve their customers better?

Internet of Things

Developing an IoT App: Special Skills, IoT Developers Salary and Rates

IoT — the Internet of Things — is a collective term used to describe a network of devices, connected to the Internet or each other, or sometimes both. These devices exchange data, send signals, operate other devices, and much more. IoT Developers are specialists capable of building and programming such devices for individual users or for businesses, to fulfill the needs of both parties. Such developers need a vast array of skills to create smart wearables, smart home devices, Industrial IoT appliances, production automation systems, smart city infrastructures, and many more projects.

Internet of Things

How to Hire an IoT Developer (And Avoid Craigslist!)

Internet of Things technology does something that was difficult to do until recently — it seamlessly bridges the gap between the Internet and “real life” objects. This task requires special skills and knowledge that take time and dedication to acquire. Hiring just any developer to figure the technology out simply won’t do. So the question is: how do you find “the one”?

Internet of Things

Top 10 IoT Development Companies 2019, by Domain Focus

This list presents 10 eminent IoT solution companies that focus either on distinct fields of IoT development or provide their clients with end-to-end services. These companies were included in the top lists by various research agencies: Clutch, GoodFirms, and others. With 300 000 jobs being outsourced annually in the USA, there is no need to limit yourself to a company in your own country. Great talent can be found all over the world, so it’s worth expanding the geography of outsourcing companies on your shortlist.

Internet of Things

He Is Building The New Connected Future – Meet Rob van Kranenburg

Rob van Kranenburg is the founder of the Internet of Things Council, which is now his key focus. His experience gives him an especially insightful perspective on our “connected future” — a future he is already playing a part in creating.

Internet of Things

Predictive Maintenance: The Good, The Bad, and The Automated

Equipment failure has been a burden on manufacturers’ shoulders for far too long. Never-ending repairs and emergencies have taken away enough of the equipment uptime and production efficiency, lowering profits and draining budgets. But fear no more: The end of failing equipment is nigh. Behold — Predictive Maintenance is here to help you optimize your business.

Internet of Things

Bringing AI to the Internet of Things as If We Aren’t Afraid of the Judgement Day

When you see the pace at which the Internet of Things is growing, it becomes obvious that the future is now. But the speed of change also presents a problem: the more devices that join the IoT, the more data gets pushed out, and processing all that data gets harder. So why not let the machine process the data for itself? By implementing Artificial Intelligence into the IoT, we’re doing just that.

Internet of Things

Complete Guide to Smart Home Solutions

Smart homes are a big trend right now. Those who are interested in tech innovations on average, definitely pay attention to smart homes in particular. The market of consumer-level devices is flourishing, developers run connected home projects for B2B and B2C fields – the possibilities are nearly endless. There are personal home assistants with intelligent answers, lights that turn on when you are near, even smart plates that advise you on your eating habits. Anything you need for a better and fun life is available on the market. To investigate the topic deeper, let’s take a look at the examples of smart devices. We will review them by rooms of your home, and examine both fun and practical ones.

Internet of Things

How Modern Manufacturers Automate Production

More often companies apply industrial IoT automation best practices, AR for learning automation, VR solutions for the idea and design visualization, implement flexible automation solutions to enhance assembly lines and make them smart. Different businesses have diverse manufacturing challenges, and the aforementioned technological solutions are used in different ways.

Internet of Things

IoT Tech Expo Europe 2018 – Event Highlights

IoT Tech Expo Europe 2018 is a large event that unites the representatives of key industries that adopt the latest IoT innovations. The exhibitors and speakers bring their knowledge on how IoT caters to the needs of their businesses, what problems it solves and what challenges bring. The event took place on June 27-28 at Amsterdam RAI exhibition and convention center. Our IoT Team Lead Nikita and Head of Marketing Yuliya have something to share after the expo – they will talk about the most appealing projects and companies they have seen.

Internet of Things

The History of IoT: a Comprehensive Timeline of Major Events, Infographic

To fully grasp the idea of IoT, we need to first figure out how it has been developing through time. We will skip all the “electricity invention” stage and build a more significant timeline. We will take a closer look at what IoT is and what it was to acquire a stronger understanding of its history.

Internet of Things

All Things Smart: Where Does IoT Head For?

With over 10,700 attendees, IoT Tech Expo 2018 in London put new questions on the agenda by introducing tracks related to smart cities, connected transportation, and data analytics for IoT and artificial intelligence. Our team shares some insights, real-life implementations, and lessons learned from the conference.

Internet of Things

IoT Market Trends: The Real Face of IoT in 2018

Internet of Things is becoming a part of our lives as more and more businesses realize the potential of IoT solutions to increase their competitiveness. Recent research from IoT Analytics, a leading Hamburg-based market research / industry analyst provider of market insights for the Internet of Things, M2M, and Industry 4.0, has provided a valuable snapshot of the state of the IoT sector.

Internet of Things

IoT Reference Architecture: In Search of a Universal Solution

All technological solutions have architecture – a skeleton that is used to build a conceptual solution for a future project. IoT solutions aren’t an exception, and as a directon under development, its architecture is still open for standardization. So, the question remains: which IoT architecture can be specified as a reference one?

Internet of Things

How Internet of Things Changes the World: Trends & Cases from IoT Tech Expo 2017

The two-day specialized IoT Tech Expo Europe 2017 took place in Berlin at the beginning of June. The conference & exhibition attracted more than 4000 visitors from all over Europe. HQSoftware’s CTO Vasil Tarasevich and PM Angelina Moroz visited the exhibition and below share their opinions and forecasts on the IoT sector.

Internet of Things

Use Cases: IoT Solutions for Modern Production Problems

Enterprises struggle with similar challenges: how to remove production bottlenecks, cut costs, and improve financial performance. How does IoT help?

Internet of Things

Driving Forces behind IoT: Predictive Maintenance and Self-Optimising Production

The rapidly expanding demand for Internet of Things (IoT) tools and services is predicted to continue in the coming years. Gartner Inc. forecasts 31% growth between 2016 and 2017, with business expected to employ 3.1 billion connected items in 2017. For business, predictive maintenance and self-optimizing production are going to be two of the major drivers of this growth.

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