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E-learning for healthcare
Software Development

Custom E-learning Apps for Healthcare: Types, Benefits, Development Costs

Today we’ll discuss the types of e-learning solutions popular in the healthcare industry, what benefits they offer, and how much will it cost to develop e-learning healthcare platforms.

5 ways edtech will shape healthcare education in 2021
Software Development

5 Ways EdTech will Shape Healthcare Education in 2021

Virtual and Augmented Reality offer an opportunity to give users an engaging new experience. Let’s take a look at how VR can be applied to the event industry.

Software Development

How to Make an E-Learning Platform Like Udemy

Let’s see what benefits can come from building an e-learning platform and how you can build an online education website like Udemy.

Types of Educational Apps and How to Monetize Them
Software Development

Types of Educational Apps and How to Monetize Them

With the great variety of e-learning solutions on the market today, it’s easy to get lost. But grouping them according to the e-learning needs they satisfy makes it easier to analyze them, understand the key differences, and decide on how to monetize them.

Software Development

6 Problems You Will Face When Developing E-Learning Project And How Dedicated Team Can Help You Out

You are set to build an e-learning software project. Maybe you plan to do it in-house, or are thinking about getting some help from a third party. Let’s talk about problems you may encounter and how they can be resolved with a dedicated software team.

Developing an E-learning Solution: What Will It Cost Me In Time and Money?
Software Development

How Much Does It Cost to Build en E-learning App and Platform – Project Types and Estimation

You have probably worked with a dedicated team before, or at least heard of this type of collaboration. Working with a dedicated team is a suitable type of cooperation when you cannot perform particular tasks by yourself and want to hire a well-coordinated team to do the work for you.

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