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Why Hire .NET Developers?

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A company’s success depends on many factors, the most definitive ones being the tools used and the people who work with these tools. This means it is crucial to know what the best tools are out there and to hire the right people to work successfully with them. Below, we’ll discuss the potential of .NET, one of the most-used software development tools, some case examples, and the nuances of hiring dedicated .NET developers.

How Popular Is .NET for Software Development

.NET is a go-to framework created by Microsoft for many software solutions. It was created in 2002 and has never lost its popularity since. ASP.NET, for example, is widely used by Dell, Intel, Starbucks, Stack Overflow and other big companies.

The reason for its growth is simple: it can be used to develop native web, desktop, and mobile applications, which is a huge plus. To get a better idea of how widespread ASP.NET is, take a look at the number of websites built on this framework. Even though PHP has a definite edge over ASP.NET, remember that ASP.NET is used not only for web development:

The number of websites built on ASP.NET Compared to Other Technologies 1024x398 - Why Hire .NET Developers?

Source: Datanyze

Apart from being favored by large companies for developing complex software solutions, .NET is 14th among popular technologies for open source development. On GitHub, it has close to 11K stars and 2,3K forks.

Other reasons why .NET is still popular are:

  • it has a strong standard library;
  • the syntax is powerful;
  • it is multifunctional and cross-platform, therefore it can be used everywhere;
  • it has huge open-source community support.

Where Can Software Developers Apply .NET Technology?

As mentioned before, .NET is a multipurpose technology. Developers can build complex web APIs as well as full-fledged desktop applications. .NET is also good for building cross-platform mobile apps.

.NET is suitable for mobile apps. For instance, .NET has been used to develop a cross-platform mobile application for an automotive factory that allows various tests to be performed on vehicles simultaneously.

artyom shukanov - Why Hire .NET Developers?

Artyom Shukanov
Senior/Lead Software Engineer
at HQSoftware

I was a leading developer on this project and was responsible for back-end components, architecture, design and implementation. We chose .NET Core for the application because it allowed us to use existing expertise and build a back-end solution on a well-known and reliable framework.

The application is built with .NET Core and based on Microservices Architecture. The app makes tracking and assigning new testing tasks much easier. Other well-known examples of .NET mobile apps include Slack and Pinterest.

There is a lot of room for web applications, too. .NET allows developers to create dynamic, well-performing websites. The MVC architecture makes writing, compiling and testing web APIs and web applications more seamless.

Some frameworks, like .NET Core, make it possible to build front-end web apps packing a full set of features. Dell, and even StackOverflow have their websites built on .NET.

As far as desktop applications go, .NET has them covered. It offers some of the best development software — Visual Studio — for building desktop apps along with all kinds of development, offering peak performance.

Developers can also use .NET libraries for crafting user interfaces, database connections, memory management, network communications and so on. The technology was used to create such famous products as Skype, Microsoft Office, and Photoshop.

What You Need to Know for Hiring .NET Developers

First of all, you’ll need to figure out which companies offer .NET development services and will work with you in a preferred way. Outsourcing companies have various collaboration models, some suitable for those who are happy to let the experts do the job, and others for those who tend to engage in project management.

alex call - Why Hire .NET Developers?

Want to build a .NET software solution?

We are ready to leverage our expertise to deliver a top-notch solution.

Aleksandra Golik
Head of Sales
at HQSoftware

.NET development companies offer a full scope of services: custom application development, customization of third-party software, software integration, testing, and maintenance. When going with a single developer, you can expect a much more limited list of services.

Moreover, a large list of services will help you identify companies with a lot of expertise in a particular field. Be sure to check testimonials and portfolios so you are assured that the company is trustworthy. Proven experience with working on large projects will be a plus, as well as participation in IT conferences and meetups.

If you’re looking to save some money, you can turn to overseas outsourcing companies. You may compare .NET developers’ salaries from different countries. As you can see, you may be able to cut your costs by half if turning to Belarusian companies:

net salaries - Why Hire .NET Developers?

Source: Payscale

A professional custom software company takes responsibility for hiring highly qualified developers upon itself. There are several soft skills that are especially valued when hiring developers. Generally, these skills are a part of the culture code:

  • Time management skills;
  • Ability to predict and fix errors;
  • Analytical mindset;
  • Desire for constant self-improvement;
  • Responsibility;
  • Teamwork skills.

As with soft skills, the company makes sure their employees are technically qualified. Although you may not have any doubt about their level of expertise, it is up to you to make sure that the company has the most applicable technological stack for your project. If you are looking to build:

  • A web application — look for developers proficient in ASP.NET with .NET Core. They will also need C# to create apps based on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • A desktop application — the most used tools for building a desktop user interface on the .NET platform are WPF and WinForms.
  • A mobile application — Xamarin is the most important tool for the mobile .NET developer. Using technology, programmers can build native iOS, Android, WatchOS, MacOS, and Windows apps with API access. This tool eliminates the need for building separate mobile apps. In addition, it would be nice for developers to be able to work with Xamarin.Forms, which is used for creating iOS and Android app UIs.

To Recap

.NET is a popular technology that brought to life many of the projects and services we use on a day-to-day basis. It is suitable for developing any modern platform and OS; it is consistent, easy to learn, and secure.

The framework is multipurpose and can be used to build anything from simple websites to industrial automation services. So if you want to make a native cross-platform software solution for any purpose, whether it is consumer usage or industrial, .NET is the right way to go.

When hiring a .NET development company for your project, the most important thing to do is to check the company’s tech stack. There are some additional tools used for building different types of software on .NET, so you might want to know if the developers of a chosen company are proficient in those tools.

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