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6 Problems You Will Face When Developing E-Learning Project And How Dedicated Team Can Help You Out

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You are set to build an e-learning software project. Maybe you plan to do it in-house, or are thinking about getting some help from a third party. Let’s talk about problems you may encounter and how they can be resolved with a dedicated software team.

What Are Some Pitfalls in Developing E-Learning Platforms?

Here’s a list of the most common problems businesses face with creating e-learning software solutions. We will explore the issues and explain how a dedicated team can help you solve or avoid certain pitfalls.

Lack of Internal Resources

Let’s say you have a development team of your own, which normally can cover a wide range of domains. But online education requires the most specialized skills. Given the diversity of the target audience and the nuances of e-learning software development, creating a platform that will perform well on any hardware and be easy to use for everyone is quite a challenge.

To take on such a challenge, you may need the help of a third party. Look for a team with a skilled UI/UX Designer who will be able to create a platform that is easy to use for folks with varied computer literacy.

Lack of internal resources

Solution to the lack of internal resources

In addition, it’s crucial to have Software Engineers who can optimize the e-learning solution to run even on less powerful laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Those are just two ways a dedicated team can supply the expertise you may be lacking. Keep in mind you can also hire developers simply because you don’t have enough personnel to tackle a big e-learning project.

Unrealistic Deadlines

Many of us know what it’s like to deal with unrealistic deadlines. It’s a challenge to make time work in your favor, and mistakes hit hard. Miscalculated deadlines may lead to a serious time crunch that results in decreased quality. More work often means overspending on the project as well.

To avoid that problem, you can hire a dedicated team with a Project Manager, who will help you with building a solid technical specification, setting correct deadlines, and making sure the budget is spent thoughtfully. 

Unrealistic deadlines

PM helps to cope with unrealistic deadlines

Together, you will decide on what features should be implemented in the first release of the e-learning solution and what can be left for future editions.

The Project Manager will also oversee the entire development process, breaking it down into sprints — short periods of time during which each developer completes the task assigned. Tasks are created and assigned by the PM as well, so that the development process flows smoothly, with no overtime or deadline crunches.

Tight Budget

Unfortunately, many e-learning software projects are poorly resourced. Though companies can potentially gain $30 in productivity for every $1 they spend on e-learning, it’s understandable that they want to keep their e-learning solution from becoming a financial burden.

To make sure you don’t burn through your budget too quickly, hire a Business Analyst as a part of a dedicated development team. The BA will look at your specification or help you create one so that everything you put in the e-learning solution is within your budget.

Tight budget

BA will navigate the tight budget

The Latest Tech

Each and every year a plethora of new devices, technologies, and gizmos are launched, all primed to make your work easier. New laptops, VR headsets, development tools, and cloud solutions pop up often.

But how do you know which technology is actually worth the investment?

Andrei Volosyuk
Software Engineer
at HQSoftware

A dedicated team includes experienced Software Developers who stay on top of the tech world constantly. They attend conferences, take part in e-learning events, keep in touch with the latest devices, and so on. This allows these developers to strengthen their expertise, so you can be sure they’re offering you the best technological solution available for your project.

Engaging E-learning experience

Sometimes, the subject matter you need to present on your e-learning platform can be far from engaging and interesting in itself. But it’s important information, and it needs to be learned. 

But it’s not just subject matter that’s boring; the form in which learners are expected to consume the information can be tedious as well. Sometimes text, images, and tests don’t do the trick.

Need a team of an e-learning solution?

We provide skilled professionals to tackle your project

Anna Halias
Business Development Manager,

What can you do about it?

It takes an expert with deep knowledge to devise ways to make such information easily digestible. That’s why many companies engage third parties, such as IBM or Stanford, to work on developing their educational content. Specialists are well-trained in turning information into content that is engaging, thought-provoking, and highly efficient from an educational point of view.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re building a training system for a business or a solution for schools; you may have so much potential content for your platform that it becomes overwhelming. If you don’t know where to begin, consider getting help from outside.

Too much potential content

SMEs select the right content for your e-learning solution

Get yourself a Subject Matter Expert, or SME, who can analyze the target audience correctly and determine the content that needs to be included (and what can be left out). Keep in mind that all of the content must align with your project goals. It’s important to avoid cognitive overload, when users feel there is too much information they’re expected to absorb.

Keep in mind that your content has to be top-notch. You can have SMEs from renowned companies, schools and universities come in and create the content for you; that way, you’ll know that it is cohesive and well thought-out. Another perk is that your content may allow your users to earn a certificate for completing the course that will be perceived as legitimate documentation of completed training.

Bottom Line

Transitioning from traditional education and training to e-learning is a challenge worth taking. Apart from increased productivity, e-learning platforms and apps make education more accessible for a larger demographic and open a wider pool of talent available for hire.

If you are set to build some great e-learning software, be ready to take on potential challenges involving:

  1. Lack of resources;
  2. Time management;
  3. Budget constraints;
  4. Technology obsolescence;
  5. Content.

Problems of e-learning software development

Main issues of e-learning software development

Hiring a dedicated software development team is a great way to deal with those issues. The team will include highly skilled professionals who will apply their expertise to mitigate these issues.

  1. Designers and developers will compensate for your lack of experience in e-learning software;
  2. A Project Manager will coordinate the development process within the deadline;
  3. A Business Analyst will keep your project spending reasonable;
  4. Developers will provide technical knowledge and consult with you on the best solution;
  5. SMEs will coordinate the creation of engaging content of high quality.
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