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Cross-Platform Mobile Development Services

From idea to solution development

Custom cross-platform mobile application development

Porting to another platform and integrations

UX/UI design

Publishing in app stores

Ongoing maintenance and enhancement

Why Choose Cross-Platform Development?

What makes it better than native development?

  1. Faster development, reduced costs

    Cross-platform app development is always cheaper and takes less time than native development. There is only one app to develop, which suits all platforms.

  2. Easier maintenance

    Maintenance and updates are easier for cross-platform apps. They are automatically synchronized among all platforms. Apps can even be updated for each user individually.

  3. Reaches target audience

    Building a cross-platform app ensures maximum exposure to the business’s target audience – your mobile app will run smoothly on all platforms, ensuring that you reach all potential customers.

  4. Reusable code

    Cross-platform mobile apps have a single codebase that can be reused multiple times for any platform. Cross-platform development frameworks allow for easy code sharing across all platforms by default.

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Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

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Mobile App That Gamifies Relationships of Couples

A mobile app that adds a spark to relationships by gamifying couples’ household routines. HQSoftware’s team was to translate the customer’s concept into an engaging, intuitive and secure OS application worth earning an estimated base of 100,000 users.

Technologies Used:

Mobile application for Skoda 550x299 -

Mobile Application for Authorized Skoda Service Center

Robust and easy-to-use mobile solution that enables clients to quickly check on the vehicles under repair at the service station, get access to invoices and other financial data, learn about current offers and promotions.

Technologies Used:

Develop Mobile App 550x299 -

Mobile App That Rewards Recycling of Consumer Packaging

Together with Bower (former PantaPå), we are developing a mobile application that rewards the recycling of consumer packaging in Sweden. Utilized by 54,000 people, the app precisely identifies user geolocation at the recycling station.

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Cross-Platform Mobile Solutions for Industries

What industries benefit from cross-platform app development the most


Mobile apps allow retailers to keep in touch with customers. AR/VR mobile apps for virtual dressing rooms and retail marketing campaigns.

Real estate

Impressive visuals and property videos, hassle-free document management, easier lead generation for real estate agents – all available via just one mobile app!


Personal fitness apps and medication trackers, apps for doctors and students for accessible healthcare and remote diagnostics.

Smart home

All-in-one cross-platform applications to control smart home appliances on-the-go, available from multiple platforms at once.


Build cross-platform solutions and make education available any time and anywhere. Add features such as AR-powered content and videoconferencing to make education fun and interactive.


Secure and easy-to-use personal and business finance applications for budgeting, mobile banking, cryptocurrency, and financial wellness.

Cross-Platform Technologies

We’ve mastered all of the major cross-platform mobile app development technologies


JavaScript, Dart, C#, Java, Python


Xamarin, React Native, Qt, Flutter, Adobe Phone Gap, Sencha

FAQ with Cross-Platform Mobile Development Company

What is your experience?

Do you develop cross-platform mobile apps?

How is your service organized?

How much does it cost to build a cross-platform app?

Native, Cross-Platform, Hybrid Mobile Apps?

Solve the dilemma and make the right choice

Feature/Platform Native Cross-platform Hybrid Mobile Web
Multi-platform compatibility No Yes Yes Yes
User experience Excellent Very good Medium Medium
Look and feel OS-specific Uniform, customizable Uniform, customizable Browser-based
Performance Excellent Very good Medium Medium
Access to hardware Excellent Very good Medium Limited
Connectivity Online and offline Online and offline Online and offline Mostly online
Offline storage Secure file system Secure file system, shared SQL Secure file system, shared SQL Shared SQL
Development costs High Medium Medium Reduced
Time-to-market Long Medium Medium Long

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