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Mobile App Development Services

At HQSoftware, we develop native, cross-platform, hybrid (HTML5-based) and mobile web apps to help tech companies and brands address the evolving mobility needs.

  • Consumer Apps

    Easy-to-use and engaging mobile apps to help brands drive marketing, sales and services through personalized user experiences.

    • Connected living
    • Education
    • Media and entertainment
    • Sports
    • FinTech
    • Social
    • MCommerce
    • Travel
    • Media streaming
    • Lifestyle and personal care
    • Games
  • Enterprise Apps

    Powerful and secure solutions to help enterprises streamline processes, collaboration and communication thus improve business results.

    • IoT, AR, VR
    • E-learning
    • Document management
    • Billing
    • Accounting
    • Employee collaboration
    • Executive dashboards
    • ERP
    • Project management
    • Field force automation
    • CRM, HRM, PLM

Our Mobile Development Services

Our Mobile Development Services
  • UX/UI design
  • Custom mobile app development
  • Porting to another platform
  • Integration
  • QA and testing
  • Publishing on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store
  • Ongoing enhancement



Languages: Java, C++

Frameworks and tools: Android SDK, Google Services (Maps, Game, OAuth, Analytics, etc.), Volley, RetroFit, Gson, EventBus, Google VR, Samsung Gear VR


Languages: Objective-C, Swift

Frameworks and tools: Cocoa, Reactive Cocoa, Typhoon, Socket.IO, WebRTC, RestKit, AppleTV, SQLite, MS SQL, UIKit Core Data Location Services

Windows Phone

Languages: C#, JavaScript

Frameworks and tools: Windows Phone SDK, Azure, SignalR, WinJS


Xamarin, React Native, Qt, Flutter


Apache Cordova, Ionic, Meteor, Mobile Angular UI, Polymer Project, Sencha Touch


XCode, Android Studio, Eclipse, WebStorm


JUnit, UI Automation, Espresso, Cucumber, UiAutomator

Our Approach

Here is what makes users stick with the apps we build:

User-centric design

Our design team creates an intuitive UX to make your app easy to adopt and use without compromising functionality. Even cross-platform apps built with Flutter app development SDK or other framework will adopt Android and iOS platform-dependent design guidelines and will feel familiar to users.

High performance

We implement powerful back-ends as well as proven caching and syncing tools so that your app can handle increasing numbers of users and tasks. We also use best client-side development practices to ensure smooth and responsive UIs as well as efficient consumption of network and battery resources, especially for hybrid and cross-platform apps.

Smooth integration

While integrating your app with other software and data sources, we provide full interoperability with the help of APIs, data connectors and communication protocols.


Following best mobile security practices, we use MDM/MAM user authentication, database and file-level encryption, and penetration testing, to name just a few tools. Our apps talk to server APIs via encrypted protocols, while app data is stored according to the OS security guidelines.

Native, Cross-platform, Hybrid or Mobile Web?

We will help you solve this dilemma and make the right choice based on your app’s goals, your stakeholders’ preferences and your budget. For now, you can check the following table to get some quick hints. Say, you need an app that would support several platforms, so let’s see what your options are.

  Native Cross-platform Hybrid Mobile Web
Multi-platform compatibility No Yes Yes Yes
User experience Excellent Very good Medium Medium
Look and feel OS-specific Uniform, customizable Uniform, customizable Browser-based
Performance Excellent Very good Medium Medium
Access to hardware Excellent Very good Medium Limited
Connectivity Online and offline Online and offline Online and offline Mostly online
Offline storage Secure file system Secure file system, shared SQL Secure file system, shared SQL Shared SQL
Development costs High Medium Medium Reduced
Time-to-market Long Medium Medium Short

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