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HQSoftware is a mobile application development company with recognized track record of over 60 successful mobile projects. We develop custom mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry ranging from simple information projects to complicated integration of augmented reality.



Mobile Application Development Services

Our team offers all-around services starting with consulting and making sure that your app is available to customers.

  • Mobile
    consulting (app type, feasibility analysis, design, architecture, etc)
  • Custom
     app design and development
  • Mobile

  • Help
    in delivery
    to market (publishing on the App Store/Google Play/Windows Store)

We offer 4 different types of custom mobile applications

  • Native

    These applications are specifically coded for the devices they live on using e.g. Objective-C for iPhones, Java for Android. Every user will have an opportunity to download your app from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store. Such apps provide enhanced user experience and are optimized for speed and performance across devices. Moreover, they are able to operate without Internet and a user can tap into the wider functionality of the device. We build such apps using native programming language for the device.

  • Cross-platform native development using Xamarin and Cordova/PhoneGap.

    It is a nice way to speed up development process if you need iOS and Android app as one code is used for all platforms. Apps are notable for high-performance and close-to-native experience. What is more important, they are easy to maintain, involve low development costs and  provide fast time-to-market.

  • Mobile Web

    It is a condensed version of your normal website but resized to fit mobile screen. It will run in a web browser, operate across all platforms but will not support native functionality of the device. Mobile web apps are not allocated in app stores however the development is quick.

  • Hybrid

    App is built using predominantly web technologies wrapped into native "cover" to ensure access to native platform features e.g. camera.  The app is quicker to develop than native one and provides improved user experience. Th app is eligible for publishing in app stores.

Domain- specific solutions:

Beside standard technologies we offer a range of domain-specific solutions such as: 

  • social/chat
  • augmented reality / computer vision
  • data visualization
  • location aware apps
  • voice recognition
  • retail
  • home automation
  • streaming media
  • 3rd party API integration: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Amazon

See full list of technologies we use. 

Off to a great start

At HQSoftware we are sure that partnership needs solid basis and offer you to start off with a free consultation and proof-of-concept. Once you make sure we are a good fit, you are welcome to take advantage of the all-around development services we offer.