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Sega – a Social Network for Gamers

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Industry: Entertainment


  • Social network for gamers
  • Rewards system feature

Technologies Used: SOAP extension for PHP, Red5 Media Server, Yahoo API, Facebook API, Symfony

Methodology: Agile


Our team at HQSoftware had to build a social network that would facilitate communication between players, and eliminate the drawbacks of using multiple websites for different games.



We decided to create a network for gamers which would be conceptually, and functionally similar to Facebook. Over ten websites are connected, and gamers are able to communicate with each other no matter which one of the connected sites they happen to be using. 

Our team at HQSoftware developed custom services in order for all the data to be accessed from a central location. Although Sega is of itself a network, it has full social media, and email integration, and this is something that we were able to do through the appropriate API, POP3/IMPAP, and Red5 Media server. The games which have Sega support allow users to create their own chatrooms, chat lobbies, game rooms (both private, and public) and edit their game settings (map, maximum players etc.), and join games that have already started. 

In the spirit of having a lively network that makes gamers feel at home, Sega has a rewards, or points system in which users earn what are termed “degrees.” In order to earn a degree, the gamer has to win tournaments, enter contests, recruit new members to the network, and hang out. These degrees can later be redeemed for actual prizes. In order for Sega to net our customer a profit, our team at HQSoftware facilitated the coexistence of free and premium membership in which the user is able to pay a monthly fee, and spend their degrees on games, and other merchandise. Free members cannot redeem their degrees, and their degrees reset every month.


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