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Enhancing Performance of Online Cinema

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Industry: Entertainment


  • Slider / video players with native hover effects that run on screens of any resolutions (web and
  • The delivered video player helps to avoid extra expenses of enterprise subscription

Technologies Used: PHP, Bitmovin, JavaScript, CodeIgniter, Wowza, jQuery

Methodology: Agile


The company is a Lebanon-based provider of telecommunication services.


With a view to improve user experience, the customer collaborated with HQSoftware to improve online cinema available at the company’s website. The company wanted to introduce a new slider player—which would feature movie posters and teasers—and a video player to streamline movies. One of the key requirements was to ensure that both players would consistently work on any mobile devices with screens of any resolutions. In addition, the customer needed to redesign the website interface.


Under the project, team at HQSoftware had to address the following issues:

  • legacy slider player significantly impaired website performance and overloaded browser cache.
  • legacy video player incorrectly displayed subtitles, either dropping out or changing places of some words/lines.
  • outdated underlying stack prevented users to easily navigate through the website and badly affected display characteristics of players.


To find an optimal alternative to the legacy video player, experts at HQSoftware compared a number of solutions available at the market. As a result, the Bitmovin adaptive video player was chosen, because it offers decoding encrypted video stream as a part of a standard package at a competitive price.

With a script, our developers ensured that the video player displayed subtitles correctly and automatically adjusted a font size to any screen resolution.

Using the jQuery library, engineers at HQSoftware enhanced the performance of slider player and improved a number of visual hover effects. Thus, our team enabled the player to swipe right/left depending on where a user navigates a mouse. Furthermore, if no action is taken in three seconds, the player automatically launches a slide show.

After developers at HQSoftware fixed HTML and CSS styles, both slider and video players seamlessly worked on mobile devices of any resolutions, allowing users to enjoy native hover effects and easy navigation. For example, players would recognize how quickly a user swipes and stick to this speed.

Finally, team at HQSoftware delivered a new design layout, which provided a better user interaction with the website.


Partnering with HQSoftware, the customer improved performance of its online cinema by introducing brand-new video and slider players, which seamlessly work on screens of any resolutions, both web and mobile.

Native hover effects of the players and the redesigned layout contribute to ensuring convenient navigation and better user experience.

In addition, the implemented Bitmovin video player helped the customer to cut down on expenses by offering necessary functionality in its standard package, saving the need to buy enterprise subscription.

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