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AS GUF – Manual Work Automation

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Industry: Business


  • Automation of incoming requests
  • Decrease of manual labor mistakes

Technologies Used: JavaScript, C#, jQuery, .NET, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Methodology: Agile


To develop a uniform system of collecting inquiries on public service provision and monitoring the results of their execution. The system is aimed at manual work automation.


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An information system has been developed to provide citizens and organizations with the opportunity to use state services via Internet. The system provides a single entry point for:

  • Receiving inquiries on providing public services
  • Common settings for handling input data from different sources

It has the ability to:

  • Customize a set of attributes in order to render inquiries without programming,
  • Flexibly configure, and monitor the implementation of existing government rules and regulations,
  • Customize a set of milestones for the execution of every service, and single point of access to data by the operators of the system.

Special attention was paid to: 

  • Development of services for integration with interdepartmental electronic system of interaction; 
  • Development of electronic signatures PKCS # 7 and XMLDSIG;
  • Integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with periphery devices;
  • Implementation of plugins to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM;
  • Integration with external information systems: information system of reference data, information system of charges and payments, Federal Bailiffs Service.

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