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AR/VR: Progressive Dieting App

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Industry: Healthcare, AR/VR


  • Users maintain a healthy lifestyle with the rule of “three fists”
  • It is possible to track the progress of your eating habits
  • The customer got funding for future project development

Technologies Used: ARKit, Django, Python, PostgreSQL, Swift

Methodology: Agile


Based in the USA, the customer is a bunch of medical professionals seeking funding for their project that aims at helping people to establish healthy eating habits and lose weight in an efficient, yet simple manner.


Collaborating with HQSoftware, the customer wanted to develop an iOS-based application that will enable users to control the amount of food they consume on a daily basis. Relying upon the rule of “three fists,” the solution would use augmented reality to compare the size of your meal with that of your fist—which is believed to be sufficient under a healthy diet.

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In the course of the project, the team at HQSoftware had to address the following issues:

  • The solution needed to easily recognize the surface on which the food is served.
  • The application needed to seamlessly render a semi-transparent fist over the meal portion.


As mentioned above, the idea behind the application rests upon the rule of “three fists,” which implies that the size of the person’s fist equals to that of his/her stomach. This way, one may compare his/her fist to the size of the meal, and it will be a sufficient amount of food to be sated, but not overeat.

The delivered application enables users to calculate the size of his/her fists. For this purpose, a user is asked to submit his/her foot size—which correlates with the size of a fist—on registration, so that a special algorithm will estimate the right proportions of the fist.

Employing the power of augmented reality, the developed system uses your camera to identify the meal and render a customized fist over it. A user is able to submit his/her daily progress by setting up the size of a portion from 0,5 to 3 fists. The solution also takes into account the type of food: appetizers, main courses, desserts, etc.

Then, a user can track his/her progress via different diagrams that provide the statistics of interest. One may also add a description to each meal taken, as well as rate food on a five-star scale.


Partnering with HQSoftware, the customer developed an application that relies on augmented reality to assist its users in maintaining healthy dieting. The solution helps to control the daily amount of the food consumed and tracks monthly progress. With the designed system, the customer was able to get funding for future project development. It is planned to infuse machine learning to improve food type recognition and deliver smart recommendations.

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Business Value
of AR in Media &

Business Value of AR in Media & Entertainment

How do modern businesses use AR to increase their revenues and outperform their industry competitors?

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