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Why Audit Software Owners Need Dedicated Teams – Top 4 Problems Solved

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Owners of auditing software can face major obstacles when it comes to developing new features, supporting the product, providing demanding clients with specific software modules, and so on.

Without extra support, developing programs that can help with all audit activities, from sampling databases to generating letters to customers, may be difficult. Often, the most appropriate option for such support is a Dedicated Team.

This article will explain the concept of Dedicated Teams, the top 5 problems of auditing software owners, and how employing a Dedicated Team can help you solve them.

What are Dedicated Teams?

When a business decides to collaborate with a Dedicated Team, it means turning to a dedicated software development vendor for assistance. A reliable vendor will become your service provider, assigning your company a team of carefully selected specialists to complete your tasks.

The definition of Dedicated Teams in software development.

The definition of Dedicated Teams in software development.

The vendor will choose team members according to your specific project requirements, in terms of hard and soft skills, additional experience, and so on. The newly composed team is assigned to you, to augment your internal team.

It’s in your hands to make this collaboration fruitful and efficient. Treat the Dedicated Team as a part of your business, so that every process goes smoothly and every team member has access to any information they need to work effectively.

A Dedicated Team can be a fully independent unit with its own specialists of all kinds, or you can simply augment your staff with only the most required positions. The team member options include:

  • Developers with various hard skills. This group includes front-end and back-end developers; web, mobile, and desktop developers. The choice depends on what specialists your team lacks.
  • QA and Testers. Quality Assurance engineers will ensure that your audit management software is bug-free, works issue-free, and integrates with other software with ease.
  • DevOps. Development Operations specialists help to automate processes among all developers, integrate them, and ensure that the development lifecycle is short and smooth.
  • UX/UI designers. These designers and user experience architects ensure that the users enjoy interacting with your audit management solution because it looks good and all interface elements are easily accessible and intuitively clear.
  • Business Analysts. BAs analyze your software product requirements and decide what resources to use to achieve your goal with maximum efficiency.
  • Project Managers. PMs help tackle all the issues related to budgeting and deadline control, and also check the quality of the deliverables.

What specialists are in a Dedicated Team.

What specialists are in a Dedicated Team.

Let’s now examine what challenges can be solved with the help of a reliable Dedicated Team working on your auditing software.

Challenges Faced by Auditing Software Owners

Certain problems are typical for companies that develop and own audit management software solutions. To some extent, they result from a lack of the right internal staff or enough free staff time.

Dedicated Teams are perfect for filling in the gaps and dealing with a variety of issues.

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Lack of Internal Expertise

Sometimes issues can be solved only with the help of extra knowledge in a particular domain. For example, you may be dealing for the first time with a client representing a large enterprise that has to deal with a lot of corporate regulations, data security policies, and industry standards.

If you don’t have a relevant case in your portfolio or staff members with the required experience and knowledge, working with such a client could become a total mess. The easiest way to solve this is to hire a Dedicated Team who can bring the lacking knowledge to your company.

Lack of Spare Staff or Time

When a new need arises you may not have the specialists on hand to meet it.

For example, all your staff members are working on a release version of your audit solution, and you decide that you need to redevelop part of it, or that it’s important to build a feature you postponed right now because it’s crucial to a new client who is ready to partner with you.

The problem is that it’s too expensive to hire new employees to complete just this one task. The other option won’t work, either; diverting your employees from their day-to-day tasks and important projects may result in poor overall performance.

Challenges of audit software owners, part 1.

Challenges of audit software owners, part 1.

Too Many High-Priority Tasks

In a competitive environment, every product owner strives to corner the market niche faster than their rivals. Employees may be divided into teams, each working on their own important feature of the product, which results in having too many high-priority tasks.

In this case, developing all the other features becomes either a burden or a low-priority task. This often results in poor overall project management and lost profits.

The Software Produces Too Much Output

Sometimes poor auditing software design or improper test parameters result in software producing too much output. Excess data will distract the auditor, leading to wasted time spent checking the output over what appear to be transaction errors.

If you happen to have encountered at least one of these challenges, or another issue with auditing software, then read on. In the next section, we’ll describe how dedicated teams can help you overcome these challenges successfully.

Challenges of audit software owners, part 2.

Challenges of audit software owners, part 2.

How Dedicated Teams Can Help Overcome These Challenges

When you turn to a reliable software development company that has relevant projects in its portfolio, it should reassure you that the problems with your auditing software can be solved. Assigning a team of dedicated developers to your project will bring particular benefits.

New Expertise and Rare Industry-specific Knowledge

An experienced software development vendor has done many projects before yours. If you have encountered a rather complicated request from your customer, just ask for a Dedicated Team with the required knowledge and specific skills.

For example, if this is your first time working with a customer from the oil and gas industry, you may never have developed features specific to auditing the financial statements of oil producers. Often, these are public companies with stock traded on a national exchange, so you need to take that into account while creating a financial audit module.

Just ask to include specialists who have worked with this before in your Dedicated Team. They will bring all their knowledge to your project, investigate additional details, take what they have learned from past projects, and generate new ideas, using all of that experience to the benefit of your project.

A Dedicated Team is Fully Occupied With Just One Project

When you hire a Dedicated Team you can be sure that they will be fully into your project, and your project only. They will concentrate their effort on the pool of tasks delegated to them.

This is one of the most important benefits of Dedicated Teams, and one customers most enjoy: the team becomes a natural extension of your business and is engaged in your internal processes, just like your regular staff.

How Dedicated Teams solve these issues, part 1.

How Dedicated Teams solve these issues, part 1.

Delegate Lower-priority Tasks to the Team

A Dedicated Team is also perfectly suited for taking care of the lower-priority tasks that you have postponed because other more important ones got in the way.

When hiring such a team, you’ll discuss with a vendor representative what tasks you need to accomplish and what set of features you need to develop with a Dedicated Team. After the team is assigned, they’ll cover your back on these tasks.

Bug-free, Stable Software Development

Experienced software development vendors that follow development best practices will always do their best in terms of software quality.

A Dedicated Team should definitely include a tester or a Quality Assurance engineer to ensure that your auditing software works flawlessly and contains no bugs or interoperability issues. This is important for software that is prone to producing excess output.

How Dedicated Teams solve these issues, part 2.

How Dedicated Teams solve these issues, part 2.

To Sum Up

Dedicated Teams assigned by a vendor with a long history on the market will always bring new knowledge and generate ideas that will contribute to your project’s success.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, a more focused approach to development, and long-term engagement, using a Dedicated Team is an excellent choice for audit management software owners.

A variety of issues — from a shortage of required knowledge or staff time, to dealing with bugs and imperfections in the software — can be solved effectively by employing a Dedicated Team.

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