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Top Java Development Companies 2019

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Companies from a diverse range of industries often choose Java as a priority. Java is a general-purpose language suitable for a variety of projects, from simple one-task apps to complex enterprise systems.

Java first appeared in 1995, but it’s still developing and improving. Java incorporates various platforms that target development for smart-cards, limited resources, workstation environments, and distributed enterprises. By choosing Java, businesses are choosing stability and a high level of product quality.

The following list is a sample of top-10 Java development companies that offer high-quality services. We’ll pay attention to the company’s rating on Clutch and customer reviews.

If you are looking for a different technological vector, see our rating of Top 10 IoT Development Companies 2019, by Domain Focus. One of these companies will be a good fit for your project.

Top Java Development Companies 2019


HQSoftware is an experienced Java development company. Its specialists work with Java EE, Java ME, and Java SE platforms, and create solutions ranging from simple applets to Big Data systems.

HQSoftware offers custom Java web application development, software product development, and 3rd party integrations. Its dedicated Java development teams can also migrate other solutions to Java.

alex call - Top Java Development Companies 2019

Want a dedicated team of Java developers?

Hire a team of top Java developers to drive your business evolution.

Aleksandra Golik
Head of Sales
at HQSoftware

Turn to HQSoftware when you need top Java developers that work cost-effectively and achieve your business goals. The company gets 5 stars on Clutch and has 9 positive customer reviews. The average hourly rate is $25–$49.

HQSoftware targets primarily mid-market companies but is able to deliver for large enterprises and small businesses as well. As to other technological needs, HQSoftware also excels at IoT development.

HQSoftware 1024x249 - Top Java Development Companies 2019

Spire Digital

Spire Digital is a Denver-based company that aims to transform businesses through custom design and technology.

Founded in 1998, Spire has created its own approach to design and development and is in the list of top Java developers for 2019.

Spire’s clients come mostly from the enterprise sector and mid-market companies; small businesses are out of the company’s focus. Some 20% of the company’s projects are Java-based.

The company has 4.9 stars on Clutch and average rates of $150–$199 per hour for the developer’s work.

spire digital 1024x249 - Top Java Development Companies 2019


This top Java developer is located in Chicago and operates globally. Rightpoint states that its developers help clients to succeed at the speed of innovation with their design and technology.

Half of the company’s projects are mobile applications, and the client focus is mid-market and enterprise companies. Rightpoint serves mostly companies in consumer products and services industries, as well as retail companies.

With 4.9 stars on Clutch, Rightpoint is on the list of top Java developers, with an hourly rate starting from $150.

rightpoint 1024x249 - Top Java Development Companies 2019


This is a company able to work with both large companies and funded startups. Its objective is to combine software engineering and customer experience design.

The focus is divided evenly between web development and mobile development. The most interesting industries for AndPlus are retail and financial services.

Java is used in 20% of the company’s projects; other popular technologies are JavaScript and C++.

Customer reviews have resulted in a rating of 4.9 stars on Clutch. Hourly developer rates range from $150 to $199.

andplus 1024x249 - Top Java Development Companies 2019


Tandem is a relatively new company on the market, founded in 2010. Its motto is to deliver custom software that drives businesses forward using human-centered design and white-space business modeling.

The company focuses on custom software development and mobile app development in tandem. One of the top Java developers of 2019, Tandem’s current projects are 20% written in Java.

Tandem has up to 50 employees that work for $150–$199 per hour. Their reputation rating on Clutch is 4.9 stars, based on 8 reviews.

tandem 1024x249 - Top Java Development Companies 2019


Infrared 5 calls itself an interactive studio on a mission to create innovative experiences for mobile and web. Its motto is simple, yet clear: “Yeah, we can build that.”

Some 65% of Infrared5 projects are mobile app development, half of them built for Android, and mostly they are games. When it takes to programming and scripting, the company is a 100% Java developer.

The company has earned one positive review from a mobile gaming startup, which gave it 5 stars. The developer rates start at $150 and end around $199.

infrared5 1024x249 - Top Java Development Companies 2019

Eight Bit Studios

This top Java development company aims to create award-winning apps and memorable client experiences. Founded in 2008, the company has enough experience to make it to the lists of top Java developers.

Some 50% of Eight Bit projects are in mobile development. Target clients come from mid-market and small-business niches.

About 25% of the projects are written in Java, mostly for the business services and consumer products and services industries.

The company has a 4.8-star rating on Clutch, and developers’ rates go up to $200.

8bit 1024x249 - Top Java Development Companies 2019


This company claims that it delivers not just software solutions, but digital experiences, built with a strong understanding of user experience and needs.

Echo&Co primarily works with the social and public sectors to power civic concepts and build solutions centered on users.

Though 60% of the projects are UX/UI design, for mostly mid-market businesses, Java projects are still 35% of all software development projects. Customers include the Climate Reality Project and Free Press.

The company has developers’ rates starting at $150 and a 4.8-star rating on Clutch. 

echo 1024x249 - Top Java Development Companies 2019

Dom & Tom

Dom&Tom’s clients are Fortune 500 companies and promising funded startups with strong strategic initiatives.

Mobile app development represents half of the company’s projects, for mostly mid-market businesses. Java is used in only 20% of the projects, despite the fact this company is a top Java development company for 2019.

Founded in 2009, the business now has up to 250 employees. The rating on Clutch is 4.8/5, and developers earn up to $199 per hour. 

dom tom 1024x249 - Top Java Development Companies 2019


Mobomo focuses on website development and mobile applications. They develop products compliant with a variety of regulations, be it HIPAA or 508.

The company targets mid-market businesses; most of its clients are from the government sector and healthcare.

Java is chosen as the main technology on 20% of Mobomo’s projects. Developers’ rates start at $150, and the rating is 4.8 stars on Clutch, based on 16 reviews.

mobomo 1024x249 - Top Java Development Companies 2019

This list of top Java development companies for 2019 should give you an excellent choice of high-quality partners for your next Java project. Choose wisely and always pay attention to developer rates and client reviews.

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