Node.js web development services

Since 2009 – when the platform appeared - our company undertook the trend to use asynchronous architecture and event-driven data processing of Node.js for development of web and mobile applications. Based on Google's V8 engine Node.js provides speedy translation of script into machine code on the server side and is designed to build scalable, distributed applications. As of today, Node.js is a self-sufficient technology that is used by such known companies as PayPal, LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber. Since our team started as early adopters, we managed to observe evolution of the platfom, test new tools and accumulate solid knowledge.

Node.js software development services

  1. Development of applications
    • API development
    • Real time chat apps
    • Content management tools
    • High-load apps
    • Payment services
    • Interactive apps development
  2. Migration of enterprise legacy systems to Node.js
  3. Refactoring and maintenance of existing Node.js solutions

We recommend Node.js for:

  • data streams

    Traditional stacks of web applications typically treat the HTTP requests and responses as atomic events. But in fact they are data streams, and Node.js can take advantage of this fact. Excellent examples - parsing files uploaded in real time or data transfer between the different layers.

  • one page apps

    For today's web applications, processing most of the information on the client side, server that can simultaneously handle thousands of requests and has a low response time is a perfect match. The ability to reuse the same code, e.g. for validation , on the server and client side - is an advantage of Node.js.

  • messaging/chat applications

    Involving active data exchange with the back-end as well as real-time tracking solutions such as dashboards, statistics, etc.


    Node.js is perfect for the development of lightweight REST / JSON interface and is an excellent option for writing a wrapper around a database or web service that communicates with the client in JSON format .

  • app prototypes

    Node.js allows quick and easy development of business MVPs. It saves our customers' time and resources.

  • apps designed for limited environment

    Such as single board computers running on ARM architecture.

Node.js technologies

JavaScript (ES2015), CoffeeScript, TypeScript
Express.js, Meteor, Sails.js, Koa.js, ThinkJS, Adonis
SQL databases
MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
NoSQL databases
MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB, NeDB
Template engines
Friendly technologies
NGINX, Socket.IO, REST, NPM, Gulp, Webpack, Angular, React

*Please contact us if you have not found the expertise you need.

Node.js and Internet of Things

node.js Iot application developmentNode.js is widely used by our team for programming both: endpoint devices and web services. Speed, scalability, and productivity being key factors in choosing the platform to build Internet of Things applications which require extensive data exchange. Large number fo requests generated by devices Node.js effectively manages via streams. Node.js also has very low resource requirements, a feature that developers are already leveraging in IoT scenarios. Actively use Node Packaged Modules (NPM) repository and benefit from more than 80 packages for the Arduino controller, over 15 for Bluetooth Low Power, and multiple packages for the Pebble and Fitbit wearable devices. From wearables to M2M, Node.js sets itself up as a good match for IoT application development.

Be fast and scalable

Node.js has become a preferred framework among start ups and big enterprises that are looking for quick real-time applications, networking solutions, scalable and high traffic driven applications.

Get in touch with our team to see if Node.js is the right choice for your next project.


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