Trust Your Idea to Our Experience

One-Stop Software Development and Consulting Services for Startups

HQSoftware motto is to provide R&D services to help clients evolve, and evolution is the exact thing startups strive for. Entrepreneurs have bright ideas and we have what is important to make them come true - skills, resources, and relevant experience gained on projects for different domains.

Everything you need can be provided by an experienced and dependable startup software development company that has you back. We already have helped a number of startups find a team and supported them on their journey to success. Such companies as RealityBLU, WSA are our successful partners. And now all the expertise gained by our seasoned engineers is at your hand.

Services We Offer for Startups

HQSoftware team has internalized the key factors of a small company's or a startup's success and ready to offer relevant software development services for startups.

    • Assist you in receiving startup investments. We professionally advise you on technologies and platforms that will be suitable for your idea implementation. We have already been there and know how to breathe life into your idea with the right tools.
    • Create tech documentation. It will include your product or service information, the reasons we chose a particular tech stack, and more.
    • Perform rapid prototyping. The prototypes will help you pitch the idea to potential investors showing them all the benefits and perks of the product. They would fully grasp the main features of the product.
    • Help with technology prospects. We will help you make clear the startup's strategic approach to investors. The prospects will explain how important it is to add new features or perform third-party integrations.
    • Design interactive presentations. They will greatly represent your startup during industry-related exhibitions, thematic conferences. It will help attract potential customers and get instant feedback.
    • Use immersive technologies to represent your idea. Our developers can utilize AR and VR technologies to create impressive and interactive presentations of your startup so that no one will remain indifferent.

What You Get

Long-term Professional Support
We care about your success and are ready to provide you with all our expertise and consulting.
Faster Investment
Compelling prototypes, presentations, technology prospects will attract investors.
Faster Time-to-Market
You rapidly set up a dedicated team, get to the development stage, and receive a completed product in a shorter time.
Learning Opportunities
Working side by side with seasoned engineers you can learn from their skills and experience.
Lower Human Resource Costs
Hiring a dedicated team is less expensive and time-consuming than supporting and developing inhouse staff.

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