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E-commerce Platform for Consumer Goods

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Industry: E-commerce


  • A single ecosystem for all Belarusian consumer goods manufacturers
  • Multilingual (Russian, English, German, Spanish)
  • A catalog of goods automatically sorted out by a variety of parameters that can be individually
    set / added
  • Enables manufacturers to create a website of their own within the platform to promote the
    goods on their catalog

Technologies Used: JavaScript, EpPlus, Ionic, Microsoft SQL Server, jQuery, ASP.NET MVC, MySQL, CSS3, PHP, NopCommerce, HTML5

Methodology: Agile


United Nations-sponsored, Belarusian Consumer Goods Industry Concern served as the executive agency of the project.


The project was carried out under the auspices of the United Nations and aimed at stimulating national export, promoting consumer industry goods at foreign markets by adopting innovative marketing technologies.

Collaborating with HQSoftware, the customer wanted to develop an e-commerce platform that would provide all Belarusian-based consumer goods manufacturers with a single ecosystem to deliver their products / services.

What had to be done?

In the course of the project, the development team at HQSoftware successfully accomplished the following tasks:

  • Familiarize customers with consumer goods manufacturers on the Belarusian market and establishing efficient communication between them via a contact form to be delivered
  • Design both front- and back-end of the platform
  • Develop a content management system
  • Make it possible to synchronize specific types of content for its further usage on the website of a particular manufacturer within the platform under development 
  • Enable integration with Facebook and Twitter


ecommerce software development

As a core of the platform, developers at HQSoftware delivered a catalog that featured both consumer goods and services. To facilitate standardized submission to the catalog, experts at HQSoftware enabled manufacturers to use macros-rich Excel files. These files allowed for sort out goods by different categories (size, color, etc.) and add pictures. Furthermore, our developers made it possible to set your own parameters to sort out products. Utilizing a third-party library, specialists at HQSoftware designed a universal excel uploader.

Engineers at HQSoftware also enabled users to create a website of their own to serve as an online shop with a number of templates to choose from. As part of the platform, the delivered content management system allows for automatic sharing of any type of content, as well as distributing news, events, RSS, and e-mail subscriptions.

To simplify navigation across the website, engineers at HQSoftware delivered special elements that marked a user’s position on the page against the overall structure of the goods catalog.

The platform supported four languages: Russian, English, German, and Spanish. Our developers delivered a chat for manufacturers and customers to communicate. In addition, users could mark goods as favorite or find them by tags, read related news, etc.


HQSoftware e commerce software development

Partnering with HQSoftware, the customer developed an e-commerce platform that provides a single environment for all consumer goods manufacturers to put their products and services on the market.

The system allows for uploading macros-rich Excel-based catalogs of goods that are automatically sorted out across a variety of parameters, which can be set / added individually. Now, each manufacturer can create a page of his / her own to function as an online window shop. Supporting four languages (Russian, English, German, Spanish), the solution is integrated with the Facebook and Twitter.


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