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IoT: Automatic Leak Prevention System

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Industry: Internet of Things


  • Water supply monitoring and leak detection;
  • Automatic leak prevention;
  • Multiple location system setup;
  • Shared system access.

Technologies Used: Swift, AVFoundation, UIKit

Methodology: Agile


In collaboration with HQSoftware developers, Elexa has built an iOS application that allows users to monitor possible leaks in water pipes. The solution will improve the customers’ smart home experience by providing more complete control over home appliances.


The system is based on two major elements: a hardware solution and a software system to support it.

The hardware system consists of two devices:

Valve controller

A device installed on valves that control the water supply. The device is connected to the network so as to communicate with the backend system and leak detectors connected to it. The purpose of the device is to shut off the water supply by turning the valve as soon as the detector sends a signal indicating a leak.

Elexa web 1 min -
Valve controller

Leak detectors

A plate-like sensor installed below pipes that are prone to leaking, such as under sinks, washing machines, or ice makers. It has multiple points of leak detection, ensuring accuracy.

Elexa web 2 min -
Leak detectors

As to software, the user is provided with a mobile application that connects to the valve controller. Using this app, the user can set up the device, connect the valve controller and the leak detector, and receive notifications if a leak occurs.

Elexa web 3 min -
Leak detection app

The solution works in the following way. The user:

  1. Installs the controller onto the valve.
  2. Places the leak detectors where leaks are most likely to happen.
  3. Sets the devices up and connects them to the local Wi-Fi network through the mobile app.
  4. As soon as leaking water drops on the device, the leak detector sends a signal to the valve controller.
  5. In response, the valve controller shuts the water supply off.
  6. The valve controller sends a signal to the backend.
  7. The backend sends a notification to the app, reporting on the leak.

In addition, the app allows the user to control multiple groups of valve controllers and leak detectors in various locations, such as a home, an apartment, a rental, and a country or vacation house.


The HQSoftware team was tasked with developing an iOS application to monitor the hardware system and keep track of the water supply.

The application is available for both iOS and Android; both versions have the same number of features:

  • Hardware remote control. Through the app, the user can control the valve control to turn the water supply on and off. The user also can check the status of the system to make sure that everything is working as intended;
  • Status notifications. The user receives notifications when a water leak occurs and the valve controller shuts the water off;
  • Multiple location setups. One app can control several valve controller+leak detector setups in several locations, such as homes, rentals, or vacation houses;
  • System sharing. Users can provide access to the system to family, friends, and neighbors so they can keep an eye out for emergencies.


As the system has been switched to the new architecture, it was essential for the developers to encourage customers to upgrade the firmware of their valve controllers in order to use them with updated mobile applications.

To avoid leaving early customers behind, HQSoftware developers implemented a set of requests used to check the valve controller’s firmware version. If the user has legacy firmware, the app prompts them to upgrade to the newest version.

This way, the team managed to ensure a smooth transition to the new system architecture.


Close collaboration with the customer during project development was essential for the HQSoftware team. To react quickly to the customer’s insights and requirements, we chose Agile as a preferred project methodology.

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