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why live streaming solutions

Why Live Streaming?

Live video streaming solutions provide users with broadcasting-quality exclusive content. 

With a custom live streaming solution, you can win a large audience and ensure that revenue flourishes.

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Benefits Of Developing A Live Streaming App

How video streaming solutions will change your business

Reaching wider audiences

More and more users are watching live videos every year, which means that now is the time to garner a niche in this market. Provide your users with convenient and easy-to-use applications for desktop and mobile, adapt content to look good anywhere, anytime, and win customers with high-quality content.

Unlocking new revenue channels

With multiple opportunities for monetization, building a live streaming app is a perfect choice to drive new revenue streams. Provide unique and exclusive content, attract more users, and monetize the app through paid subscriptions, ads, or one-time payments.

Using it as a marketing and sales enabler

With live streaming app development, brands get a platform for better marketing and sales campaigns. Video streaming solutions help to build a direct connection between a brand and a customer, increase reach and awareness, and build an “online face” for businesses.

Key Features of Live Streaming App Development

Things your app can’t go without

Built-in Payments

Build a live streaming app that’s convenient to use – offer your users multiple payment options and plans. Stick to one of the most efficient practices: subscriptions, pay-per-view, or one-time payments. Integrate the platform with the most popular and secure payment solutions for safe and seamless checkout.

Mobile Access

The world is going mobile, and so are users of video streaming solutions. Make sure they also have a user-friendly interface with a well thought-out UX to provide a pleasant and entertaining video experience. Rich functionality is a must as well – for a large percentage of users a mobile app will become the main one, so make sure they get everything they need.


You need proper analytics of content performance and user behavior to support decision-making and learn how to advertise and enhance your product. This is why we develop built-in analytics features: tracking for app interactions, views, engagement rates, and behavioral patterns.


Partnering with advertisement providers is a great source of additional revenue – that’s why we include ads management modules in our custom live streaming solutions. You can even use ads as a primary monetization method – provide users with free content in exchange for watching the ads.

Extensible Media Storage

Integrate your custom live streaming solution with extensible data storage solutions and provide your users with seamless and smooth access to all content. Choose from a variety of options: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud Services, Google Cloud, and others. At the same time, we will make sure that all data stored here is secure.

Secure Content Inventory

One of the services included in live streaming software development is extensive data security. We make sure that all business-related or user-sensitive data is encrypted and under IP-based secure access. These precautions help mitigate breaches and save data from hackers and all types of unauthorized access.

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2016

BBC client HQSoftware
SEGA client
htc client hqsoftware
reality blue client
skoda HQSoftware - 2
world health organization - 2

Telecom: Video Capturing and Proxying to a Webpage

HQSoftware has partnered with a video-oriented startup to build a solution that allowed for connections to video cameras and server storage to pull the video and proxy the content to the webpage through a video frame.

Technologies Used:

video capturing and processing solution

System for Isochronic, Multi-Angle Video Capturing and Processing

A video capturing/processing system that allows for several devices to shoot the video simultaneously from different angles and stream it to the tablet, granting a user remote control of the process.

Technologies Used:

  • Java
  • Swift
  • Python
  • Objective-C
  • Bash
  • PyQT
  • FFmpeg
  • OpenGL
  • CoreGraphics
  • AVFoundation
  • Maven

E-learning: Video Course for Equipment Diagnosis

E-learning solution to facilitate the educational process of customer’s employees and educate them to work with a system for diagnosing automobiles against the European emission standards.

Technologies Used:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • Linux
  • Moodle
  • H5P

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Live Streaming Application Development Services

See what challenges we tackle while building video streaming solutions

Development for diverse platforms and devices

We will make sure your customers get an uncompromised experience wherever they are, by developing easy-to-use applications for various devices and platforms: Android and iOS apps, custom live streaming solutions for desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

Scalable solutions for a rising number of viewers

Draw as many users as you can, attract new audiences, and always be sure that they get the same experience of the highest quality. Our scalable custom live streaming solutions will adapt to rising workloads and cater to the needs of all users, no matter how many.

Quality of Service provided

There are still some issues with QoS in live streaming that make it inferior to traditional broadcasting, but we know how to tackle them. We thoroughly work on stream quality, late viewing issues, legal issues, ad insertion, and so on.

Quality of Experience like on television

It’s not always easy to provide decent QoE on live streaming apps, but it’s possible with our development team. We will make sure that playback interruptions are kept at a minimum while maximizing the video quality.

Start Building Your Live Streaming App With HQSoftware

Reasons to choose HQSoftware for live streaming app development

  1. Hand-picked dedicated teams

    We thoroughly evaluate all your needs as well as the project’s technical requirements and build the perfect team to take on your live streaming app development. Our developers are seasoned specialists who know how to apply their experience and knowledge to deliver a top-notch product.

  2. Worldwide-trusted tech partners

    Over the years we have been in the market, we have delivered over 450 projects to more than 300 satisfied customers across 25 countries. Our reliability is acknowledged by Clutch, GoodFirms, Inc. 5000 and others.

  3. Extensive experience backed up by portfolio

    We have already done an impressive number of projects, including live streaming software development – check out our portfolio! Our developers are ready to tackle your project, applying all their passion and experience.

  4. Security and compliance

    We know software development best practices and industry requirements and apply them to any project we execute. Our top priority is to make your application compliant with GDPR or other laws and to make sure all data related to your business or customers is safe.

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