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Custom video solutions development

Whether video is your business or video supports your business, HQSoftware is ready to pitch in and help you maximize the ROI on your content, ensuring consistent delivery of content to… everywhere. Unlimited video files and streams, high-quality viewing experiences, tremendous monetization and analytics opportunities – we have you covered on all fronts.

Our clients

    • VP vendors
    • Broadcasters
    • MVPDs and MSOs
    • Telecoms
    • Content owners
    • Education providers
    • Enterprises
    • Media companies

Customize existing solution or build from scratch

  • OTT
  • TV Everywhere
  • Live streaming
  • VOD
  • IPTV
  • IP camera streaming
  • VR and 360° streaming
  • Smart TV

End-to-end services

Whether you are just kicking off with video delivery or already have a solution in place, we will make sure you get a comprehensive set of tools to maximize ROI from video content. Here is what we can do for you:

  • 1. Video strategy consulting on industry insights, monetization, audience analytics, personalization and more;
  • 2. Off-the-shelf platform customization;
  • 3. Custom OVP development from scratch;
  • 4. Extension of an existing solution, whether platform-based or custom;
  • 5. Integration.

How it works

Whether you are just kicking off with video delivery or already have a solution in place, we will make sure you get a comprehensive set of tools to maximize ROI from video content. Here is what we can do for you:

Design: based on your specific needs, we come up with the optimal architecture and development tools to build a solution that grows with your business.

Development: as part of your team, we nail every aspect of content delivery, providing the stakeholders with full visibility into the process.

Deployment: we roll out the solution without any downtime for your content, users and partners, all integrated with other business-critical systems.

Training: we help your team learn the ins and outs of the new solution, thus boosting user adoption and cutting the time to value.

Application areas

Our services apply to every aspect of content video delivery:

  • Ingestion, encoding and transcoding

    Provide extensive content creation and uploading capabilities, enabling users to easily and quickly upload videos of any format, from any device. Make sure your video arrives in multiple flavors so that every viewer gets the best quality based on the device capabilities and connection speed.

  • Video Analytics

    Collect strategic metrics from your audiences, such as geographic viewership data, browser and OS trends, top traffic sources and much more, and analyze this data to make better decisions. Bring in 3rd-party data from Nielsen, comScore and the likes and consolidate the insights in a single interface.

  • Management and moderation

    Edit, review and manage your content in a single, intuitive system and establish your own automated workflows.

  • Content delivery

    Deliver high-quality viewing experiences all over the world by tapping into the leading CDNs or using your own delivery infrastructure.

  • Publishing

    Reach out to your audiences regardless of where they are and what device they are using with custom UI and UX. Deliver video content to smartphones, tablets, PCs, STBs and connected TVs through easy-to-use apps and video player.

  • Monetization

    Monetize your content through marketing, subscriptions and SSAI-enabled advertising. Integrate or create your own billing and payment gateways to ensure a constant revenue stream.

  • User Management and CRM

    Take full control over your audiences by easily adding users, creating groups and roles, and defining permissions. Integrate the platform with your CRM to better understand viewers and their interests.

  • DRM and security

    Protect your video content from unauthorized access, using solutions such as Widevine, FairPlay, PlayReady and others, while supporting old and new players and streaming tools.

Why Go Video with HQSoftware

  • Next-gen tools:

    we excel at the latest industry protocols, formats, and codecs so that your video content can bring value today and tomorrow.

  • Complete offering:

    we take care of every step in your content delivery workflow – from ingestion to distribution to advertising and analytics.

  • Full control:

    with our team on board, you’ve got all the skills and tools to manage and customize your infrastructure just as you need it.

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