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Smart City Development Services

Anything you need from hardware to infrastructure

Hardware prototyping and manufacturing with a partner

Embedded software development for sensors, gateways, devices

Data analytics with AI, Machine Learning, Big Data analytics

End-user app development for web and mobile

Integration of smart components into the smart ecosystems of a city

Application Areas of Smart City Solutions

Smart objects to smart infrastructure

Smart Objects Level

Indoor and outdoor security

  • Smart locks, perimeter sensors, motion detectors, video surveillance

Building Safety

  • Emergency buttons; leak, smoke, CO, and CO2 detectors

Water monitoring

  • Water and wastewater monitoring devices to detect leaks and check whether water infrastructure is working properly

Smart Lightning

  • Weather-adaptive lighting systems that notify public workers when bulbs need to be changed

Climate control

  • Internal heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems

Smart Infrastructure Level

Transportation congestion systems

  • Road sensors to detect traffic bottlenecks, cameras to enforce speed and traffic infractions

Smart cars and parking apps

  • Self-driving cars and parking app infrastructure interconnected to eliminate traffic delays

Energy and radiation monitoring

  • Power plant devices to monitor energy level and radiation control

Smart government

  • A unified IoT system to cut operating costs, increase responsiveness, and boost citizen satisfaction.

Tracking solutions

  • RFID, LiFi, Zigbee, and other technologies that power asset tracking, vehicle tracking, and device tracking in a Smart City.

Have a more complex idea that requires interactivity and building an immersive experience? Turn to our AR/VR development services.

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

IoT: A Sensor-based Air Health Analyzer for Smart Homes

A sensor-based IoT solution that monitors the health status of the environment inside a house. A cloud-based backend gathers and stores data for further processing while a mobile application allows checking the health status of the house on the go.

Technologies Used:

  • Java
  • React Native
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache Kafka
  • openHAB
  • DeviceHive
  • Espressif ESP32 module

IoT: Remote Network Management of Connected Devices

A scalable and modular solution that allows remote network management of connected devices in a variety of areas, be it smart homes, cities, plants or others applicable.

Technologies Used:

IoT: Mobile App for Smart Buildings and Yachts Management

A highly customizable system for managing various connected devices in a smart building or on a smart yacht.

Technologies Used:

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