Saving lives through connected things

Develop Healthcare IoT Solution

A pioneer in IoT adoption, the healthcare industry makes up 30% of the global use of connected things. Smart devices help care providers increase efficiency through improved diagnostics and monitoring, with tremendous benefits for elderly people, chronic patients and those requiring constant supervision. HQSoftware powers healthcare organizations and IoT companies on their ways to delivering better care with the help of value-based IoT solutions that take full advantage of mobile devices and the cloud.

Application areas

Personal healthcare

Enable people to take care of their health from anywhere, using mobile phones, tablets, wearables and other devices for:

  • Fitness and physical activity tracking;
  • Chronic disease control;
  • Sleep monitoring;

Diagnostics, treatment and monitoring

Help doctors and nurses increase productivity and efficiency in areas such as:

  • Clinical measurement;
  • Medication safety monitoring;
  • Postoperative care;
  • Remote patient monitoring;
  • Remote medicine through smart medical equipment;
  • Patient-clinician communication;
  • Smart “not disturbing” elderly care and safety;
  • Remote doctor-to-doctor assistance for specific cases;
  • Anti-tampering medication tracking using smart pill bottles;
  • Automated drug dispensing for patients in acute conditions;

Smart organization

Assist health workers in their daily operations and streamline organizational processes, be it a hospital, clinic or pharmacy.

Building, room and inventory management

  • Smart rooms, including controllable TV sets, beds, lighting, blinds and so on – contact us to find out more about our ready-made solution;
  • Drug purchasing transparency through RFID identification tagging;
  • Real-time tracking of medical equipment;
  • Inventory maintenance automation, including a cross-platform mobile solution with augmented reality for maintenance of medical equipment without training;

Workflow optimization

  • Automated health data exchange between the patient’s EHR/EMR and the device for better communication;
  • Real-time tracking of staff and patients;
  • Appointment tracking and notifications using wearables like smart watches;

Data analytics

  • Real-time analytics for remote patient monitoring;
  • Visualization of health data collected from medical devices;
  • Collaborative diagnostics and medical decision support;
  • Predictive analytics;
  • Clinical performance and comparative effectiveness;

Our Healthcare IoT Development Services

  • Hardware prototyping and manufacturing
  • Embedded software for sensors, gateways and devices
  • Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Web and mobile end-user app development
  • App integration with EMRs/EHRs

Addressing Healthcare IoT Challenges


When developing healthcare IoT applications, we make sure that they are secure against leakage, hacking and device tampering at all times. To do so, we create comprehensive authentication policies, perform penetration testing and protect health data interchange in full compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Integration and interoperability

HQSoftware helps healthcare providers to collect data from devices and manage it in a centralized system, making insights accessible throughout the entire organization and thus preventing medical errors. Aiming to improve treatment, we ensure that all devices and wearables are integrated with the patient’s EHR/EMR as well as gather complete and precise information.

Health data Volume and complexity

With the increasing usage of medical IoT, health data is growing in volumes and variety, and thus becomes harder to handle. Therefore, we always strive to choose the optimal big data or data analytics tool to make sure you unveil the full potential behind that mission-critical information.