Being your single point of contact, HQSoftware develops end-to-end agriculture IoT solutions to make your farm smart. From crops and cattle management to transportation management empowered with advanced data analytics.

Agriculture IoT Development Services

    • Hardware prototyping and manufacturing with a partner.
    • Embedded software development for cattle ear tags and collars, sensors and other devices.
    • Data analytics with AI, Machine Learning, Big Data analytics.
    • End-user app development for web and mobile.
    • Integration with TMS systems, cattle and crops health monitoring systems.

Application Areas of Agriculture IoT

Cattle Management
  • - real-time animal health reports
  • - product and cattle correlation
  • - milk production management in real time
  • - healthy stable nutrition control
  • - raw milk composition analysis
  • - interconnected milking equipment
  • - ear tag identification, foot collars for data collection
Crops Management
  • - monitoring of climate and weather conditions that may affect the crops
  • - soil moisture monitoring solutions
  • - automated irrigation systems
  • - water usage monitoring
  • - waste control
  • - agricultural drones for irrigation, crop spraying, planting
  • - smart greenhouse systems
Transportation Management
  • - cold chain transport monitoring
  • - procurement and sales data collection
  • - intelligent management or transport route
  • - supply chain management
  • - management of all ranch supplies

Need a more artistic approach? We are ready to create an interactive and immersive AR/VR solution.

Addressing Agriculture IoT Challenges

  • Connectivity

    Building reliable systems of interconnected devices. Ensure stable and uninterrupted connection that is able to withstand even the most damaging weather events and outdoor conditions.
  • Design and Durability

    The open space causes not only connectivity issues, but also damages the hardware itself. We design drones, portable sensors, weather stations to last longer and have the highest level of durability.
  • Changing Environment

    We are ready to evolve along with your business and changing environment conditions and agriculture itself. Climate changes rapidly, weather extremes emerge, land availability is limited - we are prepared to everything.