When ‘custom’ really matters

Software development services we provide

HQSoftware brings extensive industry expertise, well-established processes and flexible delivery models to help you at every stage of your software project, be it development from scratch, customization or reengineering.

Our services at a glance

Your one-stop custom software development vendor

If you are looking for a reliable vendor to develop your solution from A to Z, here is where your search stops, because our services cover every aspect of the software development cycle:

    • Technology consulting and prototyping
    • Development
    • Deployment and configuration
    • UX/UI design
    • QA and testing
    • Maintenance, customization and enhancement

Choose the optimal engagement model

  • Time and Materials

    Your requirements may change during the project and the deadlines are unclear. You pay agreed hourly rates, with flexible budget and project deliverables.
  • ODC/Dedicated team

    Your project is long-term and evolving, and you want full control over the team as well as their total adherence to your processes. You pay a fixed monthly fee for dedicated engineers to work exclusively on your project.
  • Fixed Price

    Your requirements, deadlines and budget are defined. You pay a fixed amount of money, with lesser involvement in the development process on your side.

Development methodologies we use

  • Agile

    You have a mid-size/large project with evolving requirements. We deliver the functionality in short sprints, helping you stay flexible in changing the software architecture and design.
  • Waterfall

    You have a relatively small project with fixed, clear and well-documented requirements. We deliver the entire software at a set time, strictly aligned with your specification.

Our stack

  • IoT

    Node.js, IoT.js, Device.js, Java and Eclipse IoT (Kura, SmartHome), AngularJS, .NET Core; Amazon Web Services IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, Google Cloud Platform, ThingWorx IoT Platform, Universal of Things (IoT) Platform, Casa Jasmina, Particle, DeviceHive, openHAB, Kaa


    Unity, Vuforia SDK, Oculus SDK, GearVRf SDK, Catchoom SDK, Wikitude SDK, Kudan SDK, ARKit, ARCore, and other for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

  • Back-end and desktop

    PHP, .NET, Java, Node.js, C++, Qt, Python


    Objective-C/SWIFT (iOS),
    Java/C++ (Android),
    C# (Windows Phone),
    Qt (BlackBerry),
    Apache Cordova
    Sencha Touch,
    React Native

  • Databases and data warehouses

    Microsoft SQL Server,
    Greenplum Database,
    NoSQL (MongoDB,


    HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, Less, Sass, JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, React, Knockout, Bootstrap, Vue, Backbone, jQuery, Polymer, D3, JSX