A convenient online tool to setup websites, and sell property of high-end construction companies.

  • Technologies used:C #, MsSQL, .Net, Jscript, Http, Https
  • Industry:real estate
  • Timeframe:Ongoing project
  • Methodology:Agile
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Our team at HQSoftware took on the challenge to develop specialised CMS and provide ongoing support to the customer.


The system was initially built on CMS developed by our company, but as project evolved it became a customised product that MASS would offer real estate developers, for their quick website setup on any type of property. The property owner (and construction company) is able to upload a map of the location, "construct" full houses or separate apartments and make interactive process of choosing an apartment possible. Emails sent from the website are directly attached to the apartment in the internal system and can be further processed. Additional features have been developed: such as order brochure online, broker assignment to every house or even single apartment. The product is integrated with customer´s internal system and allows quick information update. 

Advantages of the product:

  • Flexibility of the system: Works with any type of property
  • Interactive map: Substantial information presented in user-friendly form
  • Built-in mechanisms of integration with customer’s internal systems: CRM, content management, price list management, availability of apartments, subcontractors (order, print and mail of brochures). 
  • Flexible mechanism of choice based on maps and prices: Any depth of map levels
  • Customizable filters
  • Standard apartment page (can be customised for selected customer)
  • Flexible price list settings
  • General and full database of all inquiries made via website
  • Responsive design
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