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Blackberry, Beyonce & Big Data: Tech Year in Review

2013 was an eventful year for the tech industry. From big data, wearable technology, the internet of things, the cloud storage explosion and many a startup success’ there is much development and much to talk about. The following is a look back at some of the year’s highlights… and lowlights.

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BYOD: Risks & Rewards

The influx of personal smartphones and tablets in the workplace poses a series of new queries for IT personnel. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend brings with it a new set of management, security and application delivery challenges. IT admins, the world around, are testing strategies to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of BYOD programs. Risks and rewards of BYOD programs must be balanced to create a mutually beneficial workplace for employees and employers.

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The “Cash King” Dethroned

Spending money has never been easier. Unconventional payment options are multiplying rapidly. Consumers and merchants are becoming open to more and more cashless forms of payment. From mobile-activated vending machines to credit card readers at farmer’s markets, the mobile payments movement is in full swing – from futuristic fiction to right-now-reality.

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Password or Print?

For most of us, our digital lives are secured by passwords. According to research conducted by Purdue University’s International Center for Biometrics Research, the inherent weakness of passwords is becoming blatantly apparent. Researchers here envision an IT world where passwords are no longer the norm.

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Software Development
Clouds in Review

Few could have predicted that online storage would become as popular as it has. Not even Drew Houston, founder of Dropbox, who is first to admit surprise at the excitement around the technology. While Dropbox was the first to perfect cloud technology for consumers and has reaped the benefits – from 5 million users in 2010 to 25 million to 175 million users today – it faces some serious competition. As promised, in follow up to last week’s post on Cloud Computing & the Data Dilemma, below is a brief look at the top four online storage options.

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