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Software Development
Which Types of Companies Offer Custom Software Development?

The market for remote custom software development is quickly reaching the $100 billion mark and continues to grow all the time. Development projects can range anywhere from a website, customer relationship management databases, email marketing tracking, or financial software for brokers. What kind of company should you choose when hiring a remote software development team? Probably the one that will fit your needs, budget, timeline, and organizational culture. Here is your quick start – a short overview of the marketplace.

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Software Development
3 Tips to Increase Efficiency with your Dedicated Software Development Team

In today’s business world, you need an efficient team now more than ever. How do you make sure the people within your organization are effective contributors if your company is scattered across the globe? We are giving you three hands-on tips which, as our experience proves, have the strongest effect.

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Node.js Moves to the Mainstream

Chances are you have come across a website, of late, powered by Node.js.  The server-side JavaScript development framework that is currently responsible for the smooth functioning of such high-profile sites like LinkedIn, e-Bay and PayPal to name a few. According to their website, Node’s goal is “is to provide an easy way to build scalable network programs.”

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Software Development
The CRM Advantage

In a business that employs large sales forces, the need to build lasting relationships with clients and process large numbers of documents, sales leads and referrals CRM has moved to the mainstream.

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Strength in Integration: Advertising Innovation

Many forms of advertising have surfaced since the advent of the internet. The forms differ in several dimensions, including the extent of the advertisement’s integration with the editorial content, the stage in the customer’s purchase funnel, the extent of specific targeting and whether the contract is firm, or customer-initiated. So the question is, which online ads are most effective in motivating consumers to buy?

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