Technology competences

Explore the technologies we utilise in order to help our customers.

When it comes to HQSoftware’s team of developers, quality is our main priority. Our project managers is the ability to provide complementary results on time, and within budget. We are confident that we are providing our customers with the best solutions on the market. As a general rule, HQSoftware goes beyond the realm of possibility, because after all, this is the only way to bring you the best results.

Our specialised team has extensive experience developing applications utilising a variety of technologies, namely .Net, PHP, and Front-End. Where all these technologies meet, HQSoftware is also developing web applications that have mobile optimisation.

We have a versatility that allows you, our customer, to make a more informed choice on the direction that you want your business to go on. It’s much better to be spoiled for choice, than to not have a choice—that’s the HQSoftware philosophy.

For evidence of the HQSoftware work ethic, all you have to do is look at our track record. As one of our customers, you will be able to personally interview every single team-member that has been tasked with resolving your project issues. Being transparent means, to us, that the quality of completed projects, and feedback from our customers, should be readily available for you to cross-examine.

Every word we say should, and indeed can be checked and verified.

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