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Develop Automotive IoT Solution

HQSoftware develops IoT solutions for automotive plants, testing labs and connected vehicles to help clients improve productivity, analytics, driving experience and safety. Our software creates value for:

  • Manufacturers
  • Rental agencies
  • Insurance organizations
  • Logistics companies
  • Driving schools
  • Other businesses

Application areas

  • Fleet management

    • vehicle location tracking
    • usage scheduling
    • fuel tracking
    • driver and workload management
    • leased vehicle management
    • maintenance scheduling
    • logistics optimization
  • iot-automotiveIn-vehicle infotainment (IVI)

    • turn-by-turn navigation
    • nearest store / restaurant / service locator
    • traffic jam alerting
    • news and local weather
    • location-based advertising
    • entertainment
    • music and video streaming
  • Cloud services for vehicles

    • smart home / smart office integration
    • car-on-demand solutions
    • HVAC and lock management
    • GPS-enabled augmented reality
    • self-driving and semi-autonomous vehicle
    • vehicle connection in the cloud
  • Data analyticsData analytics

    • auto insurance telematics
    • driving skills assessment
    • maintenance history
    • infotainment apps usage
    • visualization and reporting
    • proactive alerting and notifications
    • big data analytics of faults and accidents
  • Safety and driving assistance

    • seatbelt usage tracking
    • over-acceleration and speeding control
    • drowsiness prevention
    • in-lane position control
    • parking assistance
    • collision avoidance
  • Testing and proactive maintenance

    • pre-production vehicle testing
    • remote diagnostics
    • real-time vehicle health monitoring
    • fault detection and A/B testing for vehicle

Our automotive IoT development services

Our IoT automotive development services
  • Hardware prototyping and manufacturing
  • Embedded software for automotive sensors, gateways and devices
  • Advanced data analytics and visualization
  • End-user web and mobile app development
  • Integration with enterprise and smart home systems

Your benefits


We bring devices and sensors created by different manufacturers and speaking different languages into a centralized, cloud-based system to ensure smooth data exchange at all levels.

Human-centric design

We design an intuitive UX/UI so that even non-tech savvy users can easily adopt the technology – all without compromising functionality.


We understand that the cloud is vulnerable to external access, so we make your app’s security our priority. To protect your users and data, we encrypt data transmission and storage, implement access control and authentication policies, and perform penetration testing, vulnerability scans and audits.

Smart analytics

You get an all-in-one intelligent vehicle software that allows advanced data analysis and visualization through a user-friendly interface as well as real-time alerts and notifications.

Technology Stack

Hardware Raspberry PI, Arduino, Beacons, NodeMCU, KNX, Crestron, Microcontrollers (ESP32, ESP8266), Beckhoff IoT controllers, Nordic Semiconductor hardware, and other specific hardware
Frameworks/ SDK
Node.js, IoT.js, Device.js, Java and Eclipse IoT (Kura, SmartHome), Angular, .NET Core, C/C++/C#
Cloud solutions
for connected
Amazon Web Services IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, Google Cloud Platform, ThingWorx IoT Platform, Universal of Things (IoT) Platform, Casa Jasmina, Particle, DeviceHive, openHAB, Kaa
Z-Wave, ZigBee, Sigfox, LoRaWAN, iBeacon, Eddystone, Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi, USB, Serial, IPv6, Cellular 2/3/4/5G, CoAP, MQTT, EIB, XMPP, AMQP, HTTP/HTTPS