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Maintenance, Customization and Enhancement services

We offer services to help you maintain, customize and enhance the software we have built for you. Once your solution is ready to rock the world, we stay with you to make sure it really does. Here are the problems we solve:

  • Keeping up with the market and users by regularly updating your software
  • Ensuring stable performance by diagnosing and fixing issues
  • Reducing costs thanks to preventive maintenance
  • Avoiding full-time employment of staff to perform irregular maintenance tasks

Our services in detail

  • Feature development
  • QFE, bug fixing and troubleshooting
  • Patch deployment
  • Release management
  • Project health monitoring
  • Scheduled and requirement-based upgrades
  • Integration with other systems
  • Migration and porting
  • Performance optimization
  • Back-up and recovery

How we deliver

We offer three delivery models: dedicated expert, time and materials, or bucket hours.

How it works
What you pay
Dedicated expert
How it works
you hire a maintenance engineer to work exclusively on your project for an agreed period of time
What you pay
fixed monthly fee
Time and materials (T&M)
How it works
we work on the project upon your request
What you pay
hourly rate charged for the time worked
Bucket hours
How it works
our engineers work on your project for a predefined amount of hours
What you pay
hourly rate paid in advance

Why stick with HQSoftware


Our cooperation models are flexible so you can choose one that will work best for your budget and needs.


You can track project status by using JIRA or Trello as well as by communicating with our team via multiple channels, such as Skype, phone, e-mail, Google Hangouts, Slack, WebEx, and more.

Fewer HR risks

We help you reduce the costs associated with having an in-house maintenance team, including misfit hires, motivating and retaining the employees, and more.

Strict adherence to SLA

We are really serious about things like turnaround time, mean time to recover, and so on.