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VR in Oil and Gas Industry: Key Trends and Use Cases

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The oil and gas industry stands apart from others because of a large number of factors. Safety risks, politics, industry regulations, changing markets — all of these influences present challenges for oil and gas businesses.

Table of contents:

Virtual Reality in the Oil and Gas Industry: Key Trends

VR Use Cases in Oil and Gas

3 Examples of Companies That Adopted Immersive Technologies

Our Success Story: AR for Oil and Gas

It’s not surprising that this industry has turned to modern technologies that emphasize efficiency, relying on highly skilled and trained individuals working within well-developed software ecosystems that ease the burden of routine tasks and bring about better results.

Companies in the oil and gas field often implement Virtual Reality. In this article, we will examine key trends in the use of VR, use cases for applying immersive technologies, and a success story about how HQSoftware partnered with an oil and gas company. 

Yuri Yarmolovich

AR/VR Expert

A developer with extensive expertise in AR/VR, very ingrained into the topic of Mixed Reality development. Shares his knowledge and the results of many years of work. 

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