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HQSoftware Named Top Custom Software Development Company

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We are happy to announce HQSoftware was named a top custom software development company by SoftwareWorld. The company analyzed hundreds of software development vendors from all over the world and made up their own list. The most critical factors were augmentation, innovation, modernization, and digitalization.

Custom software development has always been one of our specialties, with a focus on AR, VR, and IoT solutions. Those products are in high demand today, so we focus on secure, reliable and innovative software to make our clients and their users happy.


That’s one of our latest testimonials on our work from Philipp Grasmug, the CTO at ReactiveReality: “The team is very reliable, motivated, and eager to deliver the best solutions possible.”

We want to thank our team for their hard work and our clients for their trust! We promise you to keep up the good work!

SoftwareWorld is a software review platform that showcases top software solutions suitable for various industries, providing a comprehensive review service by comparing the best software solutions available on the market. The platform creates unbiased lists of the top software solutions by category, helping businesses find the right solution for them.

Sergei Vardomatski - Founder - HQSoftware dev company
Sergei Vardomatski

HQSoftware Founder

Having founded the company in 2001, uses his broad knowledge to drive the company forward. Ready to share his wisdom on software development and technology insights.

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Sergei Vardomatski - Founder - HQSoftware dev company

Sergei Vardomatski