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How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When Developing a VR Training Project

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The global COVID outbreak was one of the major factors that have changed how we treat immersive technologies and VR in particular. Not so long ago we had only primitive headsets, and now there are plenty of products available on the market with advanced features: eye-tracking, wide field of view, high image resolution, and more.

VR is no longer a fad, but an integral part of many industries, and education in particular. In the past, training simulations were expensive to build and only used if field training was impossible to conduct. Now, simulations have become cheaper, opening a whole new world of opportunities exceeding traditional techniques. Compared to the cost of gathering trainees and the training team in one room and conducting even a single lesson, for example, VR offers costs, ease and efficiency.

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In order to stay on top of this burgeoning trend, let’s examine:

  • How businesses can make VR solutions an integral part of their staff education routine?
  • What are the impressive benefits of training in VR?
  • Two common VR training pitfalls, and how to avoid them while building your own training solution?

Sergei Vardomatski, founder and a member of the management board at HQSoftware shares insights and gives actionable advice in his latest article for Forbes Technology Council.

Read the full article here: How To Avoid Two Common Pitfalls When Developing A VR Training Project

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