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HQSoftware Holds an AR/VR Expert Panel on the Future of Education

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The education industry is being disrupted by new technologies that can produce huge benefits, one of those being immersive tech — Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies.

AR/VR solutions are becoming popular tools for education because they are interactive, extremely visual, and let users learn things they may never have tried before.

On October 19, 2021, we gathered a group of panelists to discuss how AR/VR solutions are shaping the future of education. The speakers shared their personal views and cases from their professional experience.

Thanks to Sergei Vardomatski, founder of HQSoftware and the creative force behind this panel, this event brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry to discuss what the future holds for the education industry when it is infused with AR/VR technologies.

Meet the speakers:

Brian Anson, Chief Operating Officer at StratusVue.

Dan Black, Chief Learning Strategist at The Learning Innovation Group.

Katya Gorlatova, who as our moderator organized the panel and made this extremely useful conversation happen.

The topics highlighted were:

  • How VR simulations are a game-changer for workplace education;
  • Who should consider using AR/VR technology for their projects;
  • Immersive training vs AR/VR;
  • How to avoid mistakes when you build AR/VR solutions for your team training.

The panelists discussed whether it is even appropriate to use AR/VR training — isn’t real-life training much more effective than the virtual kind?

“There are some folks in the learning industry who firmly believe that life is the best type of instruction out there,” Dan said, “and then there’s research that shows you that e-learning is actually more effective than live training.”

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book template 1 - HQSoftware Holds an AR/VR Expert Panel on the Future of Education

This point certainly supports what we believe here at HQSoftware — that AR and VR training are safer, more entertaining, and more efficient than live training. Because the whole learning environment is so adjustable, it can provide learners with infinite learning scenarios, virtual tools, and opportunities to try out and practice skills.

Also, as Dan said, anyone considering a training solution is bound to do a cost-benefit analysis. What will developing the solution cost? What benefits will we get? Will we reduce risks with the solution? Often, when all these factors are analyzed and the volume of information and audience are taken into account, it is clear that AR/VR is the perfect choice when you need to pack years of expertise into one solution usable by a wide audience.

“As a technician, if I have 360 different types of computers with 120 different potential fixes on them that happen regularly, it may take me 15 years to become an expert. It makes a lot of sense to use an AR solution where the user can point their phone at a device and it will tell them what’s wrong with the machine and explain the process they need to go through to complete the particular fix. As a result, I have an AR solution, a highly technical, highly accessible solution,” Dan continues.

You can watch the whole event, dig deeper into this topic, and listen to the other speakers’ stories here:


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