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The Future of Education: Meet the First Speaker on the AR/VR Expert Panel

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On October 19th, the Monthly AR/VR Panel Discussions will highlight the role AR/VR can play in training professionals in their respective workplaces. The event is titled The Future of Education: Bringing AR/VR Education to the Workspace, and today we would like to introduce one of the speakers Brian Anson, the Chief Operating Officer at StratusVue.

At StratusVue, Brian Anson provides a full suite of internet solutions to construction companies.

Brian started his career as a petroleum engineer and worked in western Siberia for 3 years. When he returned to the United States, he started working in construction. He was fortunate to be the project manager for a design-build project called Battlestations 21. BS-21 was an immersive trainer for the US Navy recruits to become Seamen. The recruits are exposed to an exhausting 12-14 hours of immersed training on the ship that were based on 11 different scenarios. Brian Anson shared the effects of the project on the Navy recruits in training:

“The experience — something clicks in your head that I’ve been here before; you’re not going to be as nervous; you react more.”

The use of augmented reality (AR) was present to some degree in this particular project as well. Trainees could look through scopes, which offered AR-simulated digital items in their view. Thus, AR can offer more opportunities for realism and interactivity when training for workplace environments than VR can alone. Brian Anson added on the possibilities:

“The combination of the two (AR and VR) is probably the best thing to do for emergency training and emergency response training, and it’s very interesting to hear that you’re going to be viewing your experience.”

Brian Anson also has the experience in recreating realistic virtual worlds within the Universal Harry Potter attractions.

To learn more about how Brian Anson has continued to use AR and VR in workplace training and the opportunities it can offer today and in the future, tune into the online event, Monthly AR/VR Panel Discussions.


VR for education webinar event  - The Future of Education: Meet the First Speaker on the AR/VR Expert Panel

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