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Accounting Software Services We Provide

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Extension of existing functionality

Migration to a new system

Third-party integrations with essential enterprise systems, e.g. ERP

Essential Elements of a Custom Accounting System

Accounting software development enables you to enrich your solution with any functionality

Accounts management

The module allows for tracking accounts payable and accounts receivable to ensure smooth management of expenses and liabilities by period. It also enables you to collect all incoming payments from various sources in one place and create recurring invoices through the invoicing system.

Invoice management system

Using accounts receivable data, the automated invoice system helps create invoices quickly, accelerating the billing cycle. With customizable templates and automatic document generation, you can create invoices within minutes, significantly reducing human error.

Payroll system

The custom accounting system provides adjustable formulas and calculators to speed up the payroll process. The system allows for working-time tracking, tax management, and fund deductions as well as transferring salaries to the employees’ bank accounts.

Tax management

The system simplifies tax calculation using custom accounting system data and region-specific tax rates. It also offers automatic generation and filing of tax declarations in line with regional requirements. The opportunity to create a tax calendar with reminders ensures that taxes are paid on time.

Cash and asset management

Asset management software is a real-time asset tracking system that allows for recording and controlling all asset transfers across the business. The system collects all tangible and intangible assets in one place and provides centralized management.

Bank reconciliation

With the custom accounting system, you can create bank reconciliation statements with a few clicks to provide a comparison of a company’s balance with the actual amount in its bank accounts. This helps companies avoid money loss, remove duplicate transactions, and control cash manipulations.

Time tracking and inventory management systems

The inventory system enables the accounting of inventory values at all stages of production from raw materials to finished products. If an organization provides services, it needs a time-tracking system that allows control of all working hours to transfer data to the invoice management system and payroll module.

Analytics and reporting

AI-driven analytics allows you to monitor business performance and get comprehensive data-driven recommendations to enhance decision-making. The system provides data in manageable and intuitive dashboards and enables automated financial reporting.

Security and compliance

To ensure the security of all business data, the custom accounting solution must have a strong security system. This includes multi-factor authentication, layered access, multi-level data encryption, fraud detection, etc. The solution also has to comply with GAAP, GDPR, and industry-specific and local regulations.

Benefits of a Custom Accounting System

Why choose custom accounting software development instead of a ready-made solution?


With custom software development, you get a solution that matches your business model and covers unique business tasks. You can also stay one step forward and include functionality that not only meets current requirements but also features you may need as your organization grows.

Work automation

The system automates bookkeeping tasks, prevents data loss, and allows for automated financial reporting, thereby reducing human error. The system also enables you to create documents quickly using information from databases. Thus, you can optimize manual and repetitive tasks and focus on essential business processes.

Data accessibility

With such software, you don’t have to waste time searching for relevant information, as the system keeps all data in one place and provides easy access to it. The solution offers a real-time review of financial data, ensures transparency, and allows you to control revenue flow and financial performance.

Facilitated processes

The custom accounting system simplifies the recording and management of financial operations and makes cumbersome tasks easier to complete. It offers instructions and sets of patterns that allow for performing financial processes within minutes. The system also streamlines forecasting and reporting to improve budgeting and financial planning.

Solution reliability

With custom software development, you can be sure that your solution not only complies with common standards such as PCI DSS, GDPR, and TDS but also with local and industry regulations that are relevant to your business. Compliance with regulatory requirements ensures a high level of security, so you can be certain of keeping important business and customer data safe.

Accelerated financial procedures

As all elements of accounting software are connected, you can speed up the entire financial workflow, from cash management to invoice creation. This is achieved through document recognition and generation, collecting and keeping financial transactions, automated financial reporting, etc. This way you can reduce errors, decrease costs, and increase overall productivity.

Types of Accounting Software

Find the most suitable option for your solution

On premises

The solution is installed on the client’s local server. Access can only be gained from devices that are part of the enterprise computing infrastructure. A license is also required.


The system is hosted on a remote server available to customers for a fee, provides access through a web browser, and requires an uninterrupted internet connection. A fee is charged monthly for the use of software.


The most scalable and cost-effective option, as the solution is located in the cloud and doesn’t require maintenance and updating on the client’s side.

Key Stages of Accounting Software Development

The proven workflow enables us to deliver high-quality accounting solutions

Step 1. Project planning

At this step, we elicit your needs and project requirements. Then, we determine the scope of work and provide project estimation based on functionality, type of hosting, technology stack, etc.

Step 2. Designing

We create the UX/UI design of your solution to provide a user-friendly interface. We also build solution architecture and functional mapping to connect all modules and ensure a smooth user experience.

Step 3. Full-cycle development

Based on the results of the designing phase, we create a comprehensive accounting system leveraging Agile methodologies. Also in this step, we integrate the solution with third-party systems.

Step 4. Testing

Experienced QA specialists cover every part of your solution with tests to ensure high-quality solutions and smooth, bug-free performance.

Step 5. Data migration

We input all available data from spreadsheets or previously used accounting tools into the new system, and then the solution is ready to use.

Step 6. User training

If needed, we can train your employees to work with the new system. The step is optional.

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Custom Accounting Software Development Costs

Factors affecting the overall cost

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Develop a Custom Accounting Solution with HQSoftware

The benefits you get by cooperating with us

  1. Focus on usability

    Since accounting is a complex process in itself, we aim to simplify it as much as possible and create user-friendly solutions. We thoroughly design the solution architecture and user scenarios, eliminating unnecessary interactions. Our designers focus on providing an easy-to-use interface.  

  2. Data security

    We pay extra attention to the robust security of business-sensitive data. Therefore, we build solutions in compliance with security regulations such as GDPR, SOX, Basel II, PCI DSS, and more. We also ensure compliance with regional and industry-specific regulations.

  3. Advanced technology expertise

    We keep up to date and are ready to implement cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and ML, to increase solution efficiency. We also provide seamless integration with third-party systems on demand and create scalable software that can handle any possible workload.

  4. End-to-end development

    We guide you through the full-cycle development, from technical consulting to project delivery to build custom accounting software that meets all business needs. Along the way, we ensure transparent communication and use proven team management approaches to provide smooth collaboration.

  5. Quick start

    It takes us from 2 weeks to a month to establish a software development team according to your requirements. We build a team of specialists with internationally recognized skill certificates and practical experience in creating fintech solutions that meet all your needs in the best possible way.

  6. Rich industry experience

    Our goal is a high-quality outcome, which is confirmed by more than 450 successfully implemented projects. Our experience includes many fintech projects and has been acknowledged by Inc. 5000, Clutch, and GoodFirms.

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

BBC client HQSoftware
SEGA client
htc client hqsoftware
reality blue client
skoda HQSoftware - 2
world health organization - 2
accounting and tax management app

Cloud-based Solution for Accounting and Tax Management

The customer is a Swedish fintech startup that is developing a cloud-based solution for accounting, tax management, annual reporting, and more. The solution integrates with popular accounting services to provide users with the most efficient tools.

Technologies Used:

SMSF funds audit

Financial Platform to Conduct Audits of SMSF Funds in Australia

The system was developed for the leading provider of audit services for self-managed super funds (SMSF) in Australia. It performs nearly 10,000 audits per year.

Technologies Used:

  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Knockout
  • T-SQL
  • Entity
  • SSRS
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • iTextSharp library
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Azure Functions
  • ASP.Net Core
  • Xero API
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C
  • Amazon S3 Storage
  • Microsoft Application Insights
  • Azure Service Bus

Online Trading Platform for Citibank and Bank of America

An online trading platform for financial institutions, retail brokers, banks based on Caplin, the award-winning web trading framework. The system includes multiple trading and liquidity management solutions and offers its customers access to large pools of diversified liquidity.

Technologies Used:

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