Experience Next-Level Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Develop Your Next Mobile App With Flutter Framework

Flutter is a relatively new SDK for mobile development written in Dart. At HQSoftware we always keep the finger on the pulse of the latest trends, and Flutter is definitely worth our attention. From the date of Flutter UI toolkit release in 2018, our mobile developers master all the aspects of this platform to build stunning Flutter apps for iOS and Android that share a single codebase.

HQ's expertise in mobile application development incorporates process management systems, entertainment applications, infrastructure management services, equipment and maintenance apps, and more. Now developers expand the set of tools they use with a powerful framework brought by Google.

Why Flutter For Your Mobile Project

Consider switching from Xamarin or React Native, or just don't know how to pick the right framework? Take a look at what Flutter development offers.

  • Faster reactive development.

    Flutter communicates with the native platform directly which results in faster performance, glitch-free graphics, and native speed of the device.
  • Productive development process.

    Changes you make to the code are displayed in the UI rapidly thanks to the Hot Reload feature. It allows for saving the state of the app while reloading.
  • An impressive number of Flutter development widgets available.

    It is easy to render faster, create flexible designs and keep sustainable user experience already familiar from native apps. Flutter is open-source, and thousands of developers contribute to this SDK.
  • Incorporated critical platform differences.

    To make Flutter applications look and perform like native ones, there are widgets that provide full native performance on iOS and Android. Scrolling, icons, fonts, and navigation elements look and act sleek.

Flutter Mobile Application Development Services

    • Consulting on Flutter development
    • Cross-platform mobile application prototyping
    • Native UX/UI design
    • Creating custom platform-specific Flutter mobile applications
    • Porting mobile apps from other frameworks to Flutter
    • Dart programming Quality Assurance
    • Application maintenance and enhancement