Node.js Moves to the Mainstream

Node.js Moves to the Mainstream

Chances are you have come across a website, of late, powered by Node.js.  The server-side JavaScript development framework that is currently responsible for the smooth functioning of such high-profile sites as LinkedIn, e-Bay and PayPal to name a few. According to their website, Node’s goal is “is to provide an easy way to build scalable network programs.” Created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, the software platform has been well and widely embraced by microcontrollers and macro sites alike. Not long after the advent of APIs – and the subsequent allowance of various software applications to communicate – enterprises often had difficulty with management of complex networks. Frequent site crashes and breakdowns were the result. To date, Node.js stands out for its ability to keep API’s and their supported web services running smoothly. Known for its ability to allow applications to scale while avoiding threads, polling, timeouts and event loops, is what makes this fledgling development framework so attractive.

Expansion Previously available on Mac OS C, Linux, Free BSD, Open BSD, and Windows, this December the service was expanded to work on Linux, Solaris, OmniOS and its own operating system: SmartOS; making it available to a wider range of internet servers and cloud computing environments. With this growth Node.js is becoming a trusted component of load-bearing infrastructure.

Everyman’s platform Referred to as “the everyman’s” platform for development apps; Node.js is popular and relatively user-friendly.  Recently, Amazon Web Service, (AWS) - a cloud provider - released Node.js SDK for general availability. The new addition allows developers to include ‘bound parameters, streams, IAM roles for EC2instances, version locking and proxies.’ Just one of several cloud providers offering support for Node.js, AWS is in the company of Windows Azure, Rackspace, Microsoft, and the list goes one. This step shows just how much momentum the platform is gaining amongst developers. Industry experts only see its acceptance increasing, as programming becomes a more broadly understood and widely studied area.

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