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HQSoftware Got Featured in Top 20 Most Promising IoT Vendors by CIOReview

March 15, 2017 | 
CIOReview, a technology magazine for senior-level industry experts and IT adopters, featured HQSoftware as one of the 20 most promising IoT vendors worldwide in 2017. On this occasion, they interviewed our CTO Vasili Tarasevich to shed more light on the company’s story of carving out a niche in the industrial IoT and smart building markets. Read more

HQSoftware Helps Customer Promote Product at Slush 2016

December 16, 2016 | 
Slush is an annual startup and investor conference held in Helsinki, Finland. This year, it boasted over 15,000 attendees, 2,000 startups, 1,000 investors and 700 journalists. HQSoftware CTO Vasily Tarasevich and Sales Manager Natalia Atamanuk visited Helsinki to help their Finnish partners — Sessio — promote their new mobile product at the conference. Read more

HQSoftware Recognized as a Leading IoT Development Company

December 09, 2016 | 
Our team has placed great focus on IoT (Internet of Things) software development. During this year we have delivered a number of projects we can be proud of, took part in numerous conferences and exhibitions, conducted a range of face-to-face meetings with IoT customers. And it is always great when efforts get recognized by colleagues worldwide. Read more

HQSoftware Attends International IoT Event in Finland

October 07, 2016 | 
  We are very excited to announce that HQSoftware will take part in Mindtrek 2016 – 20th International Technology Conference which will take place on October, 17-19 at Tampere, Finland. Read more

Node.js Moves to the Mainstream

January 02, 2014 | 
Chances are you have come across a website, of late, powered by Node.js.  The server-side JavaScript development framework that is currently responsible for the smooth functioning of such high-profile sites as LinkedIn, e-Bay and PayPal to name a few. According to their website, Node’s goal is “is to provide an easy way to build scalable network programs.” Created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, the software platform has been well and widely embraced by microcontrollers and macro sites alike. Not long after the advent of APIs – and the subsequent allowance of various software applications to communicate – enterprises often had difficulty with management of complex networks. Frequent site crashes and breakdowns were the result. To date, Node.js stands out for its ability to keep API’s and their supported web services running smoothly. Known for its ability to allow applications to scale while avoiding threads, polling, timeouts and event loops, is what makes this fledgling development framework so attractive. Read more