A single technological and methodological framework to automate the collection, and processing of inquiries on provision of government services was developed, as part of electronic government establishment.

  • Technologies used:C #, JavaScript, .Net, Https, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, jQuery, Aspose.Words for .NET
  • Industry:government
  • Timeframe:9 months
  • Methodology:Agile
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To develop a uniform system of collecting inquiries on public service provision, and monitoring the results of their execution.


An information system has been developed to provide citizens and organizations with the opportunity to use state services via Internet.The system provides a single entry point for:

  • Receiving inquiries on providing public services
  • Common settings for handling input data from different sources

It has the ability to:

  • Customize a set of attributes in order to render inquiries without programming,
  • Flexibly configure, and monitor the implementation of existing government rules and regulations,
  • Customize a set of milestones for the execution of every service, and single point of access to data by the operators of the system.

Special attention was paid to: 

  1. Development of services for integration with interdepartmental electronic system of interaction; 
  2. Development of electronic signatures PKCS # 7 and XMLDSIG;
  3. Integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with periphery devices;
  4. Implementation of plugins to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM;
  5. Integration with external information systems: information system of reference data, information system of charges and payments, Federal Bailiffs Service.
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