Cross-Platform Application to Enhance Report Building of a Government Institution

A mobile application that builds dynamic and visually rich reports to enhance workflows and establish healthy internal processes.

  • Technologies used:JavaScript, Apache Cordova, Mondrian, XMLA, MDX, Python, Saiku, D3.js, Xmla4.js, OLAP Cubes, Web SQL
  • Industry:government
  • Methodology:agile
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The customer is a top-ranking official serving as a Head of Energy Department at government institution. The delivered application aimed at facilitating work not only of the official, but his assistants, team members, and other officials at the department.


To enhance workflows and establish healthy internal processes, the energy department of a government institution needed a mobile application that would build dynamic and visually rich reports. Based on the latest analytical data, these reports should replace the paper ones and allow for accessing information on the go.

To accelerate development, the customer turned to HQSoftware to extend its team with the with highly professional talent.


In the course of the project, the HQSoftware engineers had to cope with the following challenges:

custom app development

  • enabling real-time report building while ensuring cross-platform compatibility and faultless performance. 
  • as the reports contained highly sensitive information, the application should feature the offline mode to synchronize data on connecting to secure networks.
  • as there were no ready-made solutions available that fit the customer needs, the team had to deliver a highly customized application with riсh, yet intelligible visual diagram output.
  • delivering a functional UI that would reflect a corporate style of the customer.


cross platfrom app developmentWhen the customer turned to HQSoftware, both iOS and Android operating systems were under inspection to meet certification standards and fit security needs of the organization. Thus, our engineer utilized Apache Cordova to deliver a cross-platform application that could be serve its purpose regardless of the OS chosen. By identifying performance bottlenecks and reducing the number of requests sent to a database, developers at HQSoftware achieved instant report generation.

The delivered offline mode allowed for accessing the latest information on connecting to the Internet and preventing any data loss.

With the D3.js library, the HQSoftware team ensured a highly customized visualization of report diagrams. Thus, the application can build visually rich reports with numerous interdependent functions/parameters. In addition, diagrams can boast of such interactive features as drill down that allow for revealing more details by clicking on a particular entity. Users can also set up a period of time, which all the reports will be displayed for. Finally, developers at HQSoftware delivered a news feed—based on the relevant events of the energy sector—visualized on a georeferenced map.


Under the project, a mobile application that facilitates report building at the Energy Department of a government institution was developed.

  • the customer optimized its business workflow and enhanced the process of report building through a cross-platform application, which eliminated the need to manually compose paper reports.
  • based on the latest analytical data, the application generates dynamic diagrams with numerous interdependent functions / parameters and interactive features (e.g., drill down).
  • the application works in the offline mode, while ensuring faultless performance and complying with the security requirements.
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