Tinkoff Digital

Tinkoff Digital is an innovations laboratory, and an off-shoot of Tinkoff Credit Systems Bank. In order to promote the bank’s services, they decided to develop their own RTB system, and introduce personalized cash-back for holders of TKS Bank cards.

  • Technologies used:PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, Symfony 2, Backbone.js, Highcharts, Git
  • Industry:marketing
  • Timeframe:5 months
  • Methodology:Agile
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We were challenged with developing SSP (sell side platform), DSP (demand side platform), and PB (personalized banner), as well both the back-end, and front-end portal development.


The system that we at HQSoftware developed is aimed predominantly at retailers. In order to attract new customers, these retailers can use the Tinkoff RTB system on ads. These adds would then demonstrate to the retailer that their target audience can receive personalized cash-back, in the case that a user clicked on the ad and made a purchase. The system that our team created for Tinkoff Digital tracks user's activity on their affiliated websites, collects the data into a big data storage, creates profiles of every user based on the behaviour. While a page loads, a banner code transfers user information to the services auction. The auction "recognises" the user and chooses an ad which suits user’s interests and needs. This process occurs within milliseconds while the page loads. 

TKS bank is able to choose the appropriate target group for every company which joins the system, however, a company should be able to accept Visa or MasterCard bank cards as means of payment. Our team developed a design that would improve user experience, as well working on multi-level registration with all kinds of verification. We developed the administrative part of the personalised banner options, and developed additional possibilities like imposing a fine on the user’s balance. HQSoftware’s development included integrated processing of information by connecting Symphony and Backbone.js via REST API.

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