Moscow Parking Space

The project was intended to deal with the problem of "parking chaos" on the streets of Moscow, and to allow comfortable flow of pedestrians, public transport and cars.

  • Technologies used:PHP, MySQL, LinuxDebian, CMS RBCContent, integration with ParkNOW!
  • Industry:public service
  • Timeframe:6 months
  • Methodology:Agile
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Our team had to develop a website which would show a map of parking places, and grant the opportunity to book a place in the bay by paying for a parking time.


We developed a website that consists of:

  1. Unauthorized client’s part (including parking map, a search engine for finding parking spots, the nearby parking meters, various documentation, frequently asked questions block, a feedback form)
  2. Authorised client’s part(personal account information including additional services), administration panel (RBC Content)
  3. Autonomous part (synchronisation is based on API)

A mobile version of the website is also developed and responsively designed. The project has shown positive results: 

  • The speed and flow of traffic increased by 12%; 
  • The number of parking violations reduced by 64%;
  • There was an increased turnover of parking spaces by 4 times.
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All for schools
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