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Free VR Prototype by HQSoftware — New Opportunity for Our Clients

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HQSoftware is an international software development company delivering high-quality and breakthrough VR applications for IT and non-IT companies worldwide. We see the great potential in virtual reality technology, contribute to its enhancement, and help our clients benefit from immersive solutions.

We’ve recently launched a new service for potential partners — free VR prototype development. Any company can send us 3D files and get VR experience with basic mechanics in 4 steps.

Want to get a VR prototype free of charge?

Follow the link below to explore the instructions or drop a line to our consultants

Anna Halias
Business Development Manager,

HQSoftware: key facts

HQSoftware delivers a full spectrum of VR development services: consulting, MVP development, turnkey VR app engineering, third-party software integration, VR app upgrade, and more. Our company can create VR prototypes and full-fledged immersive solutions for multiple use cases of most industries, including healthcare, e-learning, automotive, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, retail, entertainment, marketing, sports, etc.

Opting for a free VR prototype, you can assess the quality and speed of our performance without any obligation at the “contact-us” stage. We provide a custom VR experience and you can use it to decide on further development. At HQSoftware, we guarantee flexibility, versatility, and high involvement in your project to provide the best VR development services possible

Our expertise

Since 2001, HQSoftware has successfully completed over 450 software engineering projects for multiple industries and domains, including VR, AR, and MR fields. You can learn more about our VR projects in our Portfolio.

VR Simulations for Occupational Training

HQSoftware has created a VR training solution that covers engineering, mechanics, and cooking. The resulting app is empowered with a performance-checking system, voice instruction mode, and immersive environments.

VR Driving Simulator

Our team has engineered a virtual reality app for a driving school. Designed for a particular driving program, the solution helps trainees practice their driving skills in the following aspects: hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed management, and space management.

Yuri Yarmolovich

AR/VR Expert

A developer with extensive expertise in AR/VR, very ingrained into the topic of Mixed Reality development. Shares his knowledge and the results of many years of work.

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Business Value
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Business Value of AR in Media & Entertainment

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Sergei Vardomatski - Founder - HQSoftware dev company

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