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AR/VR News: April Digest

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Every month we thoroughly filter a large stream of subscriptions to share the most exciting news and use cases with you, as well as new tools and devices on the market.

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Fact of the MonthTwo thirds of shoppers think that AR would help them make a better buying decision.

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Oculus launches Air Link, a Wireless Way to Play PC VR Games on Oculus Quest 2

Being tethered to a PC breaks immersion and limits mobility – it’s not an issue anymore with Air Link. Users with strong WiFi can choose wireless connectivity over cables and still get a robust experience.


Google acquires Dysonics, a 3D audio startup

Dysonics has previously built a motion tracker for headphones with spatial awareness and a 3D audio authoring tool for VR content creators.

Google Buys Dysonics
Google Buys Dysonics

NVIDIA DLSS Natively Supported in Unity 2021.2

NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling technology will be supported in Unity. DLSS uses AI rendering to produce image of high quality even comparable to native resolution.


Amazon launches an AR-powered hair salon

In this salon in London, the customers will be able to try new hair styles and colors virtually.


The pandemic rushes AR/VR adoption

This year, there will be 58.9 million VR users and 93.3 AR users monthly in the US.

Business Value of AR in Media & Entertainment

How do modern businesses use AR to increase their revenues and outperform their industry competitors?

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Cases and Best Practices:

Virtual fitting room mobile app for e-commerce

A case study on one of our projects. PICTOFiT provides accurate 3D models from photos of clothes and vivid avatars of humans. WIth this, retailers can offer customers to try on clothes virtually.

PICTOFiT Virtual Reality fitting room.
PICTOFiT Virtual Reality fitting room.

Floom – explore Earth from your home

This app allows you to literally see through the globe – with the help of AR, of course. Just use this app on your floor and see what’s on the other side of your planet.


AR/VR meets art – a series of digital installations

A fusion of digital and material art pieces: augmented drawings, VR experiences, and other art by Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot.


Delta Air Lines upgrades fleet of devices to use AR training

With the help of iPhone 12 and AT&T 5G network Delta Air Lines takes advantage of AR to perform immersive training of flight attendants, from safety checks to passenger assistance.



AR solution recognizes math functions and draws graphs

Cool homemade project by a SenseGlove CV engineer based on Computer Vision and Augmented Reality. You’d better see this!


Tools & devices:

LucidVR – a budget haptic glove

A project that brings a more available haptic glove to the market of expensive devices.

Lucid VR budget haptic glove.
Lucid VR budget haptic glove.

DecaMove – a movement tracker for VR

DecaMove is a movement tracker that users can place on their hips. As a result, head and hands are free and available for interaction and movement.


A SteamVR-based Tundra Tracker Passes $1.1M in Funding on Kickstarter

A cheaper, smaller, and more convenient body movement tracker comes in bundles of 1, 3, 5 and 7 devices. Early bird backers will receive their trackers in July.

Yuri Yarmolovich AR/VR Expert
Yuri Yarmolovich

AR/VR Expert

A developer with extensive expertise in AR/VR, very ingrained into the topic of Mixed Reality development. Shares his knowledge and the results of many years of work.

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Business Value
of AR in Media &

Business Value of AR in Media & Entertainment

How do modern businesses use AR to increase their revenues and outperform their industry competitors?

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