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AR/VR News: March Digest

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It’s time for our monthly digest and we are ready to tell what happened in the field of immersive technologies in the first month of spring.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on all the important events throughout the month, and we’re ready to bring you the most exciting news and new devices. There’s also a cool video and an interesting event waiting for you.

Digit of the Month

March Digest digit of the month
Fact of the Month

A VR surgical training platform Osso VR raised $66 million in the Series C funding round to create new VR surgical offerings and extend the company’s team. The platform allows users to learn and practice new surgical techniques and technologies from a distance.

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Using VR to Improve Sexual Harassment Training

Typical harassment training with videos and presentations taken in workplaces isn’t effective anymore. Instead, some companies use VR training, giving people the opportunity to have such an experience virtually. 

It teaches people to speak up, defend personal boundaries, and notice verbal signs. Also, training helps learners to be more empathetic and less biased to victims of harassment. 

HP Introduced Extended Reality Platform for VR Devices Management

To simplify the setup and management of AR/VR all-in-one devices for enterprises, HP launches extended reality (XR) management platform — HP ExtendXR.

In collaboration with AR/VR devices management company — ArborXR — HP’s solution provides scalability of XR deployment and the ability to control VR headset experience for end-users. 

The solution is rising in popularity and HTC and Pico Interactive companies are currently planning to incorporate the new platform into their VR headsets. 

March Digest News image 1

WayRay’s AR In-Car Display Claims to Change Driving

The AR company WayRay demonstrated the use of a new in-car True AR HUD display. The solution interacts with real-time data, assesses the situation on road, and provides a driver with important information such as speed, turn-by-turn directions, and the time to destination. All data, including navigation, is displayed on the windshield of the car.

According to WayRay, the system doesn’t distract a driver, which is one of the biggest challenges for AR in-car displays.

March Digest News image 2

Meta Creates Quest Tools for Parental Control

To protect children’s mental health in VR, Meta announced the creation of new parental tools to Quest headsets. The release and implementation of tools will begin in April. 

With these tools, parents will know what their kids are doing in VR and can control what they see and access. Over time, Meta also intends to establish age restrictions in the Quest Store for downloading or purchasing apps.

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NLF will Create an Official VR Game for Meta Quest and Playstation

In partnership with a sports technology startup StatusPRO, NLF will release the first licensed football game in VR. The game will use the StatusPRO sport technology and first-person 3D immersive technologies to create a realistic football simulator for VR headsets.

Other details as well as the release date are still not announced yet. 


Video of the Month:

The video of the incident occurred at the Oscars 2022, where Chris Rock and Will Smith are replaced by the animated characters.

Tools & devices:

New Prototype of AR Contact Lenses from Mojo Vision

Mojo Vision has created another prototype of AR contact lenses. The first attempt was made in January 2020 and the company is still trying to find a perfect implementation. 

A new prototype uses a heads-up display technology, which transmits information to lenses. In this way, the computer screen can literally be in front of the eyes, reducing users’ dependence on monitors.  

March Digest Tools and Devices image 1

Manus VR Gloves Improves Finger Tracking Accuracy

Recently, Manus presented a demo of new Quantum Metagloves with highly accurate finger tracking, especially when users touch their fingers or palms. 

This effect is achieved using a new magnetic tracking approach, where the glove has a magnetic basis, and each fingertip senses the magnetic field using a special module. This solves the problem of clipping or stuttering, which is found in many other solutions.

March Digest Tools and Devices image 2

Upcoming Events:

VRARA Education Forum

 On May 19, the virtual event VRARA Education Forum 2022 will bring together school educators and edtech vendors to discuss ways to use immersive technologies in education.

The intensive program of the event includes keynotes, presentations, expert panels, sessions, and online networking.

To register for the event, click here.

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Business Value
of AR in Media &

Business Value of AR in Media & Entertainment

How do modern businesses use AR to increase their revenues and outperform their industry competitors?

Download the whitepaper

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