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AR/VR News: August Digest

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Here is our traditional monthly digest on AR/VR: hot news, new tools and devices on the market, interesting use cases. Every month we filter a large stream of sources to bring the most exciting pieces to you in this digest.

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Digit of the Month

fact of the month August

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Nreal looks to go public within 5 years

Soon we will see a new participant on the AR glasses market – and a very auspicious one! Nreal’s glasses are lightweight and ergonomic which is definitely a market advantage.

Business Value of AR in Media & Entertainment

How do modern businesses use AR to increase their revenues and outperform their industry competitors?

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Berlin Wall 60 years on: an AR experience

The Berlin Wall Foundation has released an Augmented Reality app to give users the opportunity to see how tense the situation was at the time when the Berlin Wall was there. 

The app shows the American tanks approaching Checkpoint Charlie on October 27-28 1961, followed by the Soviet tanks on the other side.

The Berlin Wall AR experience
The Berlin Wall AR experience

Reebok launches an AR court

With the app Courting Greatness users can scan any flat surface to visualize the dimension of a basketball court. THe app will bring basketball to those who have no access to regular courts. 

TikTok owner ByteDance buys top VR hardware startup Pico

Pico is a Chinese hardware startup that can already be compared to Oculus. It sells its devices in China to consumer audiences and to enterprise customers abroad.
It definitely looks like ByteDance is indeed interested in building a consumer VR brand and aims to follow Facebook steps while learning from its missteps.

Pico VR headset
Pico VR headset

Video of the Month:

Playstation VR2 news:

Tools & devices:

Oculus Horizon Workrooms

Oculus invites you to battle the feeling of loneliness while working remotely with the help of its new Workrooms. Any user can join this collaboration experience in Virtual Reality regardless of physical distance. 

Infineon’s new MEMS scanner for eyeglasses revolutionizes the market 

The new MEMS scanner solution from Infineon Technologies comprising a MEMS mirror and MEMS driver are miniature in size and low power consumption hardware. They have the ability to make AR solutions more widely available for consumer applications such as wearables and for automotive head-up displays.

MEMS scanner for automotive AR
MEMS scanner for automotive AR

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Business Value
of AR in Media &

Business Value of AR in Media & Entertainment

How do modern businesses use AR to increase their revenues and outperform their industry competitors?

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